Texas Abortion Ban: What It Means and What Happens Next


Texas law that went into effect today is being accurately reported as banning abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy in direct violation of federal law is established by the surpreme court nineteen seventy-three but but the important reality is. The texas law is very likely to ban all abortions in texas in effect because it puts every provider of abortion services including the uber driver who drives women's to a clinic at legal risk of being sued for every abortion performed in texas at any stage of pregnancy. Anyone in texas or anyone anywhere else in the con- anywhere else in the country. A lawsuit in texas now suing the receptionist at a clinic were an abortion has been performed if it can be proved that the abortion was performed before a fetal heartbeat could be detected then the receptionist defended will win the case and be okay but how is the receptionist. Defendant going to pay a lawyer in that case. How is everyone else working at the clinic. Going to be able to pay a lawyer when every single abortion performed at that clinic becomes the subject of a lawsuit as every one of them surely will

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