The Fight to Save Sunflower Sea Stars

Short Wave


Going to be talking about a veracious sea creature that can have up to twenty four arms and the person will be talking to is. Npr science correspondent. Now greenfieldboyce hainault. Hey there emily. I have only two arms. But i am nonetheless here to tell you about these things. I want all your arms around this story. Tell us about this. Many armed briny beast. Well it's a sea star it. It's one of the biggest in the world. It can be the size of a trash can lid or a manhole cover or something like that. It's called the sunflower see star. Yeah so these things used to be common all along the west coast from alaska. All the way down to baja california in northern mexico. Yeah i've heard of these. I've seen pictures. They're beautiful though used to be. I mean those are some ominous words. It is a grim grim situation. This species is critically endangered. It seems to be dying off. it's just disappearing from lots of places. Some people think it's completely extinct in california and this is a big deal because the sunflower see star is a top predator. It eats animals like muscles and sea urchins and keeps their numbers in check. I didn't realize that the sunflower see stars. A top predator. I know that sea stars though have for years been plagued by disease off. The west coast is that. What's killing sunflower stars to. Yes so this is a wasting syndrome. And scientists can't agree on what's causing it it's hitting more than twenty sea star species since the big die off in two thousand thirteen on both the east and the west coast but a researcher named jason hodan told me that sunflowers he stars seem to be particularly susceptible. Really do kind of like dissolve into a pile of goo. It's why he agreed to try raising them in

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