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The upcoming two weeks saw abbey start off by talking about our fortunes and sharing are recommended readings. Thank you tim. Yes as always. We have four trends We had there. Were lots of articles this last two weeks of were kind of back to our normal number of articles that we generally see It's interesting the way the trends formed In the past weeks what we do is we do sort of a for for all of your listeners. Out there once again just a how we arrive at these trends after we flipped all of the articles that we think are introduced to our To anybody in our field into our flipboard magazine we do a simple count and we started looking at you. Know how many articles about different subjects were put into the Were flipped into the flipboard magazine. So what we saw was really two big trends and two smaller trends and they kind of divide perfectly half-and-half so for the first big trend. The we saw the most articles in the past two weeks directly related to remote teaching and learning we articles about being present in online learning strategies for maintaining online presence. The future of education and online learning was on number of articles about this. This how the future going to look like now that we have these new strategies and tools in place plans to expand online education for. Us workers The the the the company is called to you But there's a big plan for expansion in this area hybrid models. We've been a lot of people have been discussing hybrid models of of instruction in the past Year or so. And it's still one of those things that it's difficult to fully articulate. Explain and we're we're still challenged by creating that that good articulation of hybrid the changing role of teachers and technologies reflections on distance. Learning and teaching. And this is one. We had predicted a while ago him. We see a number of articles about people reflecting on the experience. Great article from the new york times this past two weeks where the instructor was saying. You know. I liked teaching on zoo. It was like sort of a embarrassed. Admission that the and gas from other teachers right well my goodness but but again these reflects writer. Important formative assessment strategies prerecord videos can boost student. Learning this was very interesting. Bit of of data we would recommended the re but we can pretty much give you the the information right here. About that prerecorded. Videos can boost student learning and apparently they're actually preferred in a lot of ways to a face to face instructional moment so along. Those lines are recommended. Read is putting your best self. Oh six.

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