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You can read making sense of nonsense and worked exercises and which are fun and that reformat in your mind and such that one. I'm doing is. I'm conducting a sort of collective study and you can join in with the study of the afterlife and near death experiences just by reading making sense of nonsense and writing exercises and then i go more in. God is bigger than the bible. I go more into describing the study. I'm doing now last thought on this. I love the term that you just used is because if we bring it to end the ease that's what happens. Your mind is reformatted. So it's it's like the the st card has been reformatted and you come back here. You may still have vestigial memories but you've been reformatting if we learn how to reformat the mind. How much does that change everything. Well i can only go on same mostly sason from nineteen seventy two now. It's fifty years. I've had experience with this. And i got more complicated. You know bigger over the years. But i mean i still get you know. Communications from students. I had decades ago. And saying how it's well let me give you some examples. It's like there. Was this one guy who owned a car dealership and very successful. You know just like endless money. And he had been a student of mine at east carolina university the about early seventies. And you know just a few years ago. He got in touch. He said i'll raymond is like all of my success. Came from what. I learned that glass that he one of the ways. He was saying that he had used it was. He made these business cards. That were nonsense. And he said they became rage. Everybody wanted the latest one. You know i mean that. And then i had this other guy who was an artist. He used to come in With that big leather zip thing. The artists kids always carry around. You know and he would come to class every day. He just loved graphic arts and so anyway and so Sadly for many people who love our you know he. He couldn't make his living with that. So we ended up a bureaucrat at the va and he wrote me and he said draymond he said like one of the things he did with his art from. The course was he made this. You see these Prints of the ten commandments. Right and it's like the two tablets and on the one side. It says roman numerals goes down one to five and then on the next side goes down six to ten dollars every diagnose that image so he said he created that image and put it on his wall and the va and he said over the years it just like infinite comments people coming in and he said the comments spell into two categories. Some of them was. I'm so glad to see there's a christian and the right and then the other people would say. Oh you know it's like. Is it legal to put that in here you know. So he said but those were the very to the main reactions but he said nobody ever got so far is to read it and to see it was just nonsense you know. Thou shalt not containment erotic or when it was just nonsense. Though it's like my point is. I just had a lot of students over the years who have a lot of different Reactions but what people say that opens your mind and it the world has never.

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