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With most municipal shows cancelled this year to allow for social distancing it's not a huge surprise but if you're bringing July fourth celebrations to your backyard this year here's what you need to know about what is and isn't allowed in print George's and Montgomery counties as well as Alexandria the answer's easy nothing is legal even sparklers but elsewhere there are some festive though still dangerous pyrotechnics you can buy the things that separate the fireworks and ground based parkland device is the action of the device bill raise with the internal county fire marshal's office any device that propels jumps flies or reports are illegal reports is a technical term for explodes generally that's the law in most of Maryland as well as DC in Virginia he says you need to read the label closely if you're buying something from another state where laws might be different if it says it shoot something with reports it's illegal jondo men WTOP news it is twelve forty four we know the corona virus has hit nursing homes especially hard insidenova reporting nearly two thirds of northern Virginia's desk covered nineteen have occurred in outbreaks of the region's long term care facilities at least five hundred and fifty seven patients at the region's nursing homes and assisted living centers have died from the virus those facilities in northern Virginia have seen over three thousand cases in all it is twelve forty four again at W. T. O. P. and in Virginia when it comes to the release of data from nursing homes in the Commonwealth Virginia governor Ralph Northam has decided to change course there because what we just told you about the state will now make public the names of long term care facilities which have seen outbreaks the information will also include the number of cases and deaths reported at each facility the governor says with the pandemic widespread privacy concerns and initially prevented the state from showing facility specific data is no longer an issue twelve forty five A. W. T. O. P. time first sports at fifteen and forty five brought to you by your local Honda dealer don't settle for less than a Honda Christiane Washington Redskins announcing today that the number forty nine one by the late Bobby Mitchell will be retired it's just the second time in team history that a number has been retired the first being Sammy Baugh's number thirty three Mitchell was the organization's first black player Thomas Boswell of The Washington Post pointed out that Mitchell is the only NFL player with more than five hundred career rushes and five hundred receptions to average more than five yards per carry and more than fifteen yards per catch ESPN Redskins beat reporter Jon ka I'm tweeting that the team will rename the lower ball at FedEx field in his honor replacing that of George Preston Marshall the Belmont gets under way at five forty two this evening the eight horse tis the law comes in as the heavy favorite at six to five odds take a look at modernist as a potential long shot in some of your exotic goes the four horse now modernised has had some strong work as as we can as trainer William Mott typically doesn't run a horse and a big race he doesn't think he can win I'm Christiane WTP sports just ahead on WTOP some storms moving through the area flood warning to tell you about all that to be updated by Steve prince valley just ahead here on WTOP at this twelve forty six hi it's read a Catholic ladies have you been told that your pelvic pain is normal or that you should watch and wait rather than seek the.

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