Man Finds Bill Gates's Ancestors Buried on His Property


Island is home to thousands of historic cemeteries. Many of which haven't seen the light of day in years. That includes an overgrown cemetery on brian pages property in west greenwich page. Who'd recently purchased the land discovered the cemetery after following an gated path. Deep into the woods we had no idea it was there. He said it was a shock. A cemetery on our land. It's kind of weird. I don't know about you. But i would be so high. We and my older for senate on a i would be thrilled. Margaret malcolm share. The rhode island historical cemetery commission tells twelve news. There are more than thirty. Two hundred historical cemeteries across the state ranging from small family burial grounds to fully landscape gardens. One of those cemeteries is the one page uncovered historical cemetery. Ninety six appears to have been forgotten about for more than a century when he founded it page said several of the gravestones were toppled over and the cemetery itself was overgrown with weeds and brush once he realized the importance. A site page recruited family and friends to help revitalize the cemetery the crew spent hours clearing overgrown brush trees branches and rocks from sacred place. It is a nice little site we have out here and we just want to take care of it. Page said my mom wants to start giving flowers to keep it up. We're trying to do some work to fix this place up but the story doesn't end there while cleaning out. The cemetery page noticed a familiar last name on several of the gravestones. The markers belonged to israel seth and zachariah gates at first page that he didn't think anything of it it wasn't until he reached out to malcolm that he realized the significance. She left a comment in an email that she heard they may be related to the bill gates from microsoft page said The names on the headstones prompted page to launch his own investigation after researching the names on ancestry dot com page. Said he was able to link them all to the

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