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It's a procedural the structures the same week after week. And he said that he he'll go through the script over the weekend before they start. And he just he says there are two lines two kinds of lines the he'll just rub out instantly. And I said what Ave he said? Well, if riots gives me a line where I'm saying to someone I'm sorry for your loss that goes and the other one is any variation on. And then what happened? Oh, yeah. I kept not mind when I did my shirt law and order franchise. And I was I I was playing played that the then I ended up playing the one of the detectives and that kept coming up. Yeah. Every week. Yeah. Sorry, you loss. And I I didn't have the then what did you do? I I didn't have the guts to say. Yeah. It's not good enough. Christopher valenti. It's not. So I said the lines. Yeah. Well that I didn't have eleven years of the show behind me. Right. Well, that is the other thing too is when you start pushing back when you say, it's okay for me to say in what I really rather not do this. And that I think if if you come from the good side of it, all then you are instinct is to play along with others and be nice and want the team to win and do his hard work and help out as much as we can. But then yeah, I think something about it going from fifty what what I really admire about that that doing that show was the way you'd watch these actors would come in for one day or two days playing the victim's parents, right? All the and they would always have the one scene where they breakdown right either. In the in the jury books, or in the witness stand, or you know, in front of the policemen giving statement, they have that scene have the scene where the whole plug is laid out as to why they lost. The kid, and there's and he's always hugely dramatic and emotional and these actors I take my if I was wearing a hat. I would take it off because they they come in. They're like prepared they spend a whole day crying their eyes out. And then they go on they're doing more in that one day's work than you're doing the whole episode God going then what happened. Oh, man. And the answer is. Yes. Yes. I am much more particular about what's going to get out of my pajamas. All right. It's time for Kevin's pop quiz between five and fifteen points possible for each of the following three questions. This is for you for it wants to final scores tabulated it will be posted on our website along with the current standing in the top one hundred are you ready? I'm ready question. Number one, Keith David or David Keith. Case, david. That's correct question. Number two, Carl weathers or the weather in Carlsbad. Call weather's also, correct. Last question, Steve. Right. We've got three out of three clocking moved to the top ten. Holy cow. Congratulations. Oh, thank you. Well done who Steve Ryan. Okay. Okay. I'm getting missing right? Well, nicely done again the name of this beautiful park. I keep looking back because I don't wanna fuck it up. And it sounds like. Said Steve Jobs that would have been incorrect. No the way that particular game works is that I we would have got just as excited oak. Because if you long this or that the first two, and then the last one is just last. The angel. Vine the angel vying the crater again is. How are we spelling that Kathy? I think is via a c Q you. We're not even close. There. We are. Yeah. It's like cowboy without the at the end nice like arrow, but very night gone. The Angela vine check that out on Stitcher, or however, you do your podcast, ten episodes. I promise you'll enjoy. I believe we have. The lead. Detective Joe is coming on the show. Also a couple of weeks. I'm very excited talked to him about that. I thought he did a smashing. Yeah. He's wonderful and terrific in this. Yeah. The angel vine, and so many other things in the canon of Alfred Molina for everyone to enjoy. Thank you. Thank you. This has been a delightful pleasure. A coupla around..

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