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This is fresh air. I'm Terry gross back with Maggie Jilin hall. She stars in the HBO series, the deuce about the intersection of sex workers pornography organized crime, the police politicians and feminists in the Times Square area of Manhattan in the nineteen seventies. It's also about changing attitudes towards sex in that period, and how pornography became more mainstream. The third episode of season. Two of the deuce will be shown on HBO Sunday night. Jilin hall also stars in the new movie the kindergarten teacher which opens in theaters and start streaming on Netflix October twelfth we'll talk about that a little later. I wanna talk with you about the time's up the metoo movement, which started in a big way a little less than a year ago after the allegations against Harvey Weinstein, which means that the first season of the deuce was written before that the second season. I assume was written after that. So how? Did all the all the women coming forward in the industry in the Hollywood industry, and in other fields changed the conversations that you're having with the people you work with including the writers producers. Personally. I think one of the things that really spurred on the birth of the times that movement was not just Harvey Weinstein, but was trumping elected and saying everywhere on national television, everywhere, you can grab women by the if you have enough power, and they let you do it. And this is on the access Hollywood tape. Exactly. And it being played everywhere. Everyone knows about that, you know. And there's no consequence for it. So what I mean say is like even though the deuce was written before he was elected before time's up really happened. I think we were living in a culture that was misogynist. And this was on everyone's minds. I mean, we were watching the first season, and we would often watch the debates in our lunch break. It was a part of our cultural conversation even before. Maybe it was a part of everyone's conversation because that is what the deuces about. And how did it change? I feel like everything's changed. I see the time that movement has also just sort of everything in reaction to these. You know, the allegations against Harvey Weinstein. I see it as like this kind of door got pushed open like this old stone door that had been closed for thousands of years and like light streaming through it. And I think how do we keep that door open? And I think it involves having the most interesting subtle nuanced conversations continuing to think all the time. And I mean, I guess to me I think the deuce and the kindergarten teacher when we could talk about that are both -tunities to do that one of the complications for the deuce is that James Franco is one of the men alleged by several women to have behaved in a second. Inappropriate or sexually exploitive way. Once those allegations once the women making those allegations came forward, my understanding, and you can correct me if I'm wrong, and is that the producers had to figure out how and even if to proceed after that. Yeah. I think we all had to do. Exactly what I'm what I was just describing which is we had to do. The most careful nuanced. Intelligent, clear thinking. All of us and assess the situation. And for me. And I think this is true for everybody involved. I felt that. Continuing to tell our. Feminist story was the most important thing and made the most sense even in light of those allegations. Did it affect your relationship with James Franco? I mean, I know you're not in many scenes together. And I know you can't speak on his behalf about what he did. Or didn't do but still you're very sensitive to allegations like this. And here you are working on a series with someone who's starring in it with you. And who's? You know, there's allegations that have been made about him. Do you confront that in talk with him or just I mean, how do you deal with it? Yeah. I felt as a producer. It was my job to confront that. And talk with him and also to talk with the women on our show both in the cast and crew and. Make sure that everyone felt that they had been treated with absolutely nothing, but respect in the work place. Are you saying you wanted to make sure there were no women in the production of the deuce who had anything negative to say about his behavior? Like, yeah. There were no. There was no misconduct found on the set. Exactly. Right. That's right. That's what I'm saying. I thought that was that was part of my job, you know. And I think how do you find out you ask each of the women or? Yeah. Yeah. Did you do the asking yourself or did you have like an outside person? Come in and ask both. Yeah. And you're satisfied with resolved. Yeah. Yeah. I was I was I mean in terms of making a show, which is about all of these things that we're talking about. I think it would be a terrible. Shame not to be able to continue the conversation. Which is I think a deeply nuanced conversation about exactly what's happening culturally right now in terms of misogyny in terms of an imbalance of power in terms of sack says commodification in terms of all the subtleties of that. Let me reintroduce you here. If you're just joining us. My guest is Maggie Jilin hall. She stars in the HBO series. The deuce shelter has a new movie coming out that will be on net. Netflix beginning October twelfth and has called the kindergarten teacher. We'll talk about that a little bit later..

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