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Okay. Back to the show. It's the week of september twenty third two thousand twenty one. Emma what do we need to know. We have to start off with the biggest headline everywhere script. The nation you guys have talked about it. Almonte boys oh yes biggest. Headlines is about missing girl gabby petito here is the latest so authorities found her body. It's been confirmed in wyoming and according to the coroner manner of death is homicide which means she was killed not a lot of specifics though but officials or the official cause of death is pending until final autopsy. Reports are in. I want to give you guys some background. On this case on july second gabby petito set off on a trip with her fiance brian laundry driving to yellowstone national park. They never made it. Their laundry returned home without gabby on september first. Her parents though didn't report her missing until september eleventh. As soon as lonzo was declared a person of interest by authorities. He disappeared his parents. Tell f. b. i. agents. He went hiking in a nature preserve sometime last week. In vanished agencies have been calming the preserve that his parents say he took off too. But according to cnn. It's not that easy first. Laundry had a couple days headstart so he may have traveled a significant distance by car or by foot. They don't know also the area that search crews are combing through right now is swampy and it's infested with gators and snakes gabby body was found on sunday at a campground embroidered. Bridger teton national forest. It's right near the grand teton national park in wyoming on monday the f. b. i. Searched the home that both gabby and brian were living in with his parents. That's in florida also on monday. The grant county sheriff's office in utah. They released nine one one audio from a witness who said he saw a man slap a woman and then saw a white ford transit van with florida plates. Drive away the domestic dispute between these two. Brian and gabby was reported about a month before. Gabby family reported her missing. And this is what's so sad. The conclusion of that report indicated that officers on-scene had viewed gabby as the aggressor still trying to make sense of here. But that's in their official report. Of course this story is developing by the minute so keep it locked among cast on instagram at emma. J. t. v. is where you can find more updates another top headline in a topic..

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