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A bracket, and the? Event is timed and it starts, around eight, o'clock in the kind of no kids going, to end between ten and ten thirty and you get mono mono match ups and it works it's timed, it's dramatic, you know the homerun derby has always been an opportunity. For baseball to let its hair down a little bit it's certainly, did, that for sports at sometimes gets deserve criticism for being. Sort of rigid tired of hearing about you know unwritten rules for a night the sport really does. Let its hair down and prove that the format works for me was last, night that was a, relatively anonymous field how many people really know, who resod is or max Muncie or hey sues Aguilar, or FREDDY Freeman Harper the. Biggest star winning going up in the final against I, think the most Well known of the other guys that being Kyle Schwarzer I think that was good for the format but it didn't need it would have, helped had Giancarlo Stanton or Aaron judge or Mike trout those guys but, to me that format just it. Creates it creates enough drama the you're almost don't care. Who's in it right Last night that was really fun television to watch and he didn't get the brightest stars in the game you didn't get a lot of the, biggest names in the game I think you had the biggest one at this year's, all star game because he happens to? Play for the Washington nationals. And so the real. Winner last night was whoever ultimately decided. To come, up with a new format to take something, that I think you know a couple, of years ago, we were talking about how stale it was and how it needed to be changed and what's the, purpose, of doing this it's the, same every year now we've created something I think that's a lot of fun very interesting very dramatic and. Just feels important and look it helps like the case in Cincinnati three. Years ago it helps when there's a local guy in it and it helps when the local guy wins. It right the crowds more into it but, that event last night felt important and it really has become the signature event of all star week the..

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