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And chant on that new TV set for forty five minutes a day. You'll get a new TV set. And I would think of course, you would because you're sitting thinking it's not because you're chanting about it's because you're thinking for forty five minutes day about getting TV sat. Right. So is alanon a place where you're learning things and your healing. Or is it more the process of like physically being active Oto going to know what you're learning? Tom. Well, I say this. I I would say it's. Well, it's kind of a chicken next thing. There's a lot of phenomenal schools there. But anybody, and if it mirrors the AA program anybody that would do these thefts twelve. Yes. Twelve steps. It's you know, for lack of a better pharmacist self help programs with somebody who was willing to do what you need to do to do these steps is the guy who's jumping in the ice pool. Meditating who's going to go for the walks. Right. And and do those thing. Nobody's gonna do it for you. I mean, and it's you gotta get through the you're sitting there, and you're gonna what is going on guys in very, but on your life. Yeah. Because it's. You know, high going years of deal what you need to do to live with an Hollick person. You love more than anybody. Emot-? Yeah. Just do you want us to work? And so when she goes to rehab and comes back, and then this isn't that great. Yeah. What you know? Willing to do everything you need to do to have this family work and alanon the tools are there. If you if you are having trouble, and you know, it's it's everybody else is the problem. If you go and do the UC's, tools, you can see what you're part in the matter is, and you can just open up. You know, it's if nothing else you heard me say before people, which is if nothing else it's like having a fight or having a trainer in the corner for them when you go out and deal with the illness of addiction, you're in a battle with the disease all the time. And you can't do it alone. You gotta have somebody there you check in with you figure out. What am I doing? You know, keep your left. You know, whatever it is you need some of their looking objectively what's going on. Because when you're in it, you're part of it. And so it pulls you out of it in causes you to reflect with another person who's been through it and know something about it. And then if you're really going to get well, then you do the steps I'm I'm a fan of all of this. And I wish more people to fail themselves, and it's fucking free. People worry about mental health service, expensive their stuff. Here's something that worse. I son of a bitch in the disease of addiction, and it is fucking free. Well, I mean, so is going on long walks are take doing pushups more here. Now, I'm saying don't avail them like this notion. It's it saddens me. We'll get to. I'll tell you something that's a little bit of a slippery slope, though, let's congratulate Tom for good job. Thanks, Tom job. And let me tell you about it slippery slope here, drew. Yes, I'm listening. I'm worried about for missiles. Most of the important healthy things in life are free are relatively free the stuff we talked going to the beach and frolicking around with your kid in the surf or whatever that is. You know, these are relatively free experiences. Many of the best experiences of your life have been free..

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