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Like It was all a dream. What is weird is oddest thing you have at your house, where asking, especially because Kali Jenner has a wax figurine of her mom, Kris dinner in the living room, and it's not like a little one. It's literally sitting at the bar just watching you. It's creed. Be until what Eddie has pictures on his wall and living room Wah of Kobe Bryant. I love I love him, too. But we're not wrong with them or not hanging it on our wall. You sound like my ex husband right now. Melissa. Why does he always used to yell at me for hanging up like pictures I view is in the living room, and I'm like, what charisma is the biggest pot and I hear it on the benches, the shirtless or the naked tub picture with With the band and I listen, Jamie from the murder part. What is the oddest thing you have at your house? Two slugs me, But my mom has the GAM bubble gum. I like vintage though. I'm saying like, maybe it's specialty. Oh, no. I wish it was that like something that you'd be like. Atta KEDO, Chucky, You got to put a real quarter in. Okay, You just get free. Go.

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