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The progressive the voices network. The House is voting Wednesday to send the two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump to the Senate after a delay of nearly a month. Senators have been locked locked in a standoff over witnesses appearing at the trial majority leader. Mitch McConnell has been pushing back against calls from Democrats for witnesses including John Bolton Mick Mulvaney and others but he also signaled that he'd be open to bringing in Hunter Biden to testify about his dealings with Ukrainian liquid natural gas company Barista. Nancy Pelosi announced seven impeachment managers Wednesday morning. She said she relied on litigators. Who are comfortable in a trial setting while naming Adam Schiff shift jerrold Nadler Zoe? lofgren Hakeem Jeffries Jason Crowe Val demings and Sylvia Garcia as the managers. The House will then officially officially vote on the managers and then at around five. PM Eastern Wednesday afternoon. She'll sign the bill and printed. Copies of the articles will be marched over to the Senate by the managers. But there's an important note. I want to pass along on the restrictions placed on the media covering these historic events. Roll call is reporting in that when the articles of impeachment are delivered to the Senate a procession full of pomp and circumstance. Just one video camera and no still photographers will be allowed allowed to document the historic moment no audio recording at all. We'll be permitted leaving radio. Reporters empty-handed during the trial. A A single press pen will be set up on the second floor of the Senate where lawmakers enter an exit. The chamber reporters will be confined to the pen unable to to move around with the senators. So they'll be no movement allowed outside of the Corrales and reporters and photographers will need to be escorted to and from from the pen. There's more credentialed members of the media. who go through security screening to enter the capital each day? We'll be screened. A second time before they entered entered the Senate Chamber to watch the trial proceedings. magnetometers will be set up in the Senate daily Press Gallery requiring reporters to enter the Chamber one by one after being cleared by Capitol Police operating the machine in response Carl Hulse a veteran Capitol Hill reporter for the New York. Times said quote. It's it's pretty much an outrage either. Senate Republican leadership has no interest in recording history. Or perhaps they just WANNA play down the coming events all together either. You're way it stinks. Republican senators expect the trial to extend beyond Donald Trump state of the Union address which is scheduled for February fourth earth which also means it would continue through. The Iowa caucuses which happened the day before on February third and it could possibly stretch stretch out into the New Hampshire primary which is set for February eleventh. That obviously would complicate the presidential bids of Senators Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren Warren and Amy Klobuchar while they worked to get traction in those early voting states and as to the question of whether witnesses will be allowed. Well there's a growing number of Republicans coming forth saying they do on the opportunity to call witnesses. Susan Collins of Maine is leading the charge. Mitt Romney of Utah and Lisa. Murkowski of Alaska have also also signaled their support stay tuned now while the Democrats were debating and trump was feeding raw meat at one of his Nuremburg rallies in Wisconsin Johnson Tuesday night house. Democrats released a new load of documents that they obtained from left Parnassus he of course is one of Rudy Giuliani's indicted Henchman Shman and these documents revealed new details about the push to oust former Ukraine ambassador. marie-yvonne image and to pressure Ukrainian Presidents Presidents Alinsky to investigate Joe Biden. One of the documents was a May twenty nine thousand nine letter from Giuliani two presidents alinsky requesting testing a private meeting with the knowledge and consent of trump himself they also included handwritten notes by Parnis on Ritz Carlton Hotel L. Stationary from Vienna. Though the notes are not dated one of them refers to the need to quote. Get the lense key to announce that the Biden case will be investigated instigated And then there were the encrypted text messages between Parnasse and Robert Hyde. A figure who we haven't heard about before but is now a candidate for Congress from Connecticut little sample of those messages quote. She is under heavy protection outside. KIEF quote they're moving her tomorrow. The guys over there asked asked me what I would like to do and what is in it for them. She's talked to three people. Her phone is off. Computer is off. She's next to the embassy not in the embassy. Private security been there since Thursday quote. They're willing to help. If we slash. You would like a price. Guess you can do anything in the Ukraine with money. What I was told if you want her out they need to make contact contact with security forces and then after that quote it's confirmed we have a person inside a lawyer for Ianovich said there must be an investigation? Listen you think from the perhaps there's hope after all files a majority in the Senate so that includes some Republicans supports limiting further hostilities against against Iran despite opposition from Republican leadership and Donald Trump. The House last week approved a war powers resolution forbidding the president from attacking Iran unless there's an imminent threat or Congress declares war but then again the White House on Tuesday announced its plans to divert another seven point. Two Billion Dollars from the Pentagon funding this year to help pay for trump's idiotic border wall. The White House wants to shift three point. Five billion dollars in counternarcotics funds and and more than three point six billion dollars in military construction money for total of about seven billion more than he diverted last year. Senator Jack Reed. The top Democrat on the armed services. Committee called the plan quote a slap to the military as well as a slap to Congress senator Richard Shelby of Alabama Alabama Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee criticized the move but shifted blame to Democrats for not agreeing to more wall funding and finally Tuesday night was was the last democratic debate before the twenty. Twenty Iowa caucuses. CNN did its damnedest to start a fight. Between the candidates and the moderators were just plain. Awful for for an in-depth. Listen to some of the high and low lights check out my Wednesday show on progressive voices network at five..

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