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Google play services in the play store and frankly why would why would google try to stop that because you're saying i want to use your services exactly do that if you're samsung and you want us pre install google store you have to sign the agreement with google that you're going to do all those things and that's what the eu is upset about i don't know i feel like we will should be allowed to do this because they did the right thing which is they allowed android to be given away for free so that's not exactly as strongly worded is jeff jarvis might have had it but i think i've somewhat represented the jarvis position let's take a little break and have more what is for dinner tonight stacey we're going to have something delicious oh no we're eating out tonight sorry let's come loose that's still true you live in austin texas there yes we'll be tacos there will be tacos there willie kevin remind me where do you where do you hang your head in between philadelphia in quakertown pennsylvania home so you can go out and get a nice hot soft pretzel dipped in butter i don't need the butter but yet you need i'm looking at you you need the butter tude you need to fatten up a little bit no doubt that liverpool football club tattoo give it some swell it out there a little bit problem is from my pretzels it's just a ten minute walk down the street i don't get enough exercise to get the price from well i won't say from where because last time that was halted buckle why what happened did you it remember why why store yeah oh no that we were going on and on about wow when i felt so bad what was what's bad about wa wa not it's awesome there you're there jeff was saying how wonderful it is and then we started looking up where how many stores they had and that east coast and we got we got sucked into the wa wa discussion we went down the rabbit hole oh man kevin we go down that's that's all we do is that you guys do is a little bit more structured and directed we guess we try to focus only on not there's some singing kevin kevin dumped by mu now by kevin never been kevin sent stacy sings l yasha heavily rich usually she doesn't realize i've been recording all her singing for three years now unbeknownst to her and we're going to have a greatest hits podcast one you'll hear stacy can we have ringtones.

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