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The gap in your comment was to former cub. Grades Return to Wrigley Sambergen a double in me with a beer. You didn't get cheated across the street from Wrigley. Did you do? Did you ever pay a tab at Murphy's. Ever did and. Jim Murphy gave me the apartment upstairs then it all came about because towards the end of eighty four. The guns were going crazy after a game, I just wanted to go have a beer somewhere in the clubhouse. Kidding I tried to walk across the street, and the city was so cub crazy at that time that I couldn't even get into the bar and following day Jim Murphy Warmer Chicago Police. Woman was late, not me and he said please give me another chance, and he moved all the liquor from up on the second floor. Apartment, he gave it to me and as you remember during the world series. You know couple those parties were were as good as it yet. I saw or heard where Mark Grace took a shot at you during a diamondbacks broadcast. Did you did you get word? What your former teammate? Did I. GET WORD! You know in the past. It would've been like a phone call. With this twitter thing now it just went gracie. We love him right. Yeah, I mean he's one of our favorites, yeah. You know that he's like a son to me. Yesterday on the Marquee Sports Network, the new cubs channel somebody long home run I haven't seen it yet. I've just heard ingratiate goes. Wow, that reminds me of some of the. Who hit the deepest homerun off of you. Know the longest. Probably, it was during spring training, but there were two of them one Dave kingman yet one down in Saint Pete in that ballpark. Fare foul landed in the water, which is like maybe six hundred feet away. The one I remember. Back when it Shea Kevin mcreynolds hit a bomb off the facing of the upper debt. And the ball hit so hard bounced back in our shortstop Sean Dustin picked it up. And for some reason I'd never done this, but when he hit I stream. Queen believe it as I turned back to look at home I thought he'd be standing there watching it now he was. He was almost a second base. It's like it was no big deal. We're talking to rick. Sutcliffe he'll be on. The call. Braves mets on Friday at four eastern. What's what's baseball going to do? The Blue Jays here,.

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