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Its so called up there. They just can't wait to get their clothes off. Well, anyway, congratulations to women's water polo. Very exciting news. They won the gold, good stuff. And now the relate the smile and the celebration as we count down to the dying seconds of this match, and the USA are three time gold medal winners. London 2012 Rio 2016. And now Tokyo 2020 a year later than planned, but a gold them woo girls. They got a bunch of Wu girls out there y'all in women's handball. Did you know that was the thing? Not only do they have women's handball? They had women's beach handball. Yeah, I didn't know what that was. It's the same thing. But with sand. Some of these sports are very obscure the same thing. But with sand yes, Speed walking was a thing. Oh, yeah, That's a thrill, huh? I think I got I think I could go to the Olympics. I could do speed walking. What are the rules? You can't lift your knee past a certain point, and you have to have at least one ft on the ground at all times. Yeah, You can't have both feet in the air at the same time. Well, that's how I run anyway. So just barely lifted my leg one ft in front of the other there. Yeah. Who's your favorite athlete? Of all the people of of all the hopefully American of all the Americans that competed and won, probably because those are the ones that got on TV personally myself. The pride of Morton Ranch High School and Katy, Texas. Tamara Menzah stock, Tamara Assess here. Mary Anna stock? No, it's Menzah stocked camera. They wrote it wrong. The lady that writes USA USA. I freakin love living there. I love it, and I'm so happy to get to represent the USA. I love it. Yeah, I'm a big Tamar amends a stock fan and she's a Houstonian and she's a champion, and she didn't quit in the 11th. No, she did not. She didn't give up for mental health. She won the gold medal. What do you think about that? Go Team USA. Uh, she back home. They didn't seem to make a big deal out of it the way they did with Simone Biles. They covered her. You know, I'm surprised they weren't there for her playing change wherever she changed. Playing Well, yeah, exactly. Allyson Felix became the most decorated American track athlete in Olympic History. Um, she won her 11th gold medal. Well, her 11th medal by combining with with our American teammates to finish the 4 400 m relay in three minutes And I guess the thing that they had pointed out here is none of the women on this team. Consider the 400 m to be their strong suit, but combined together they just destroyed the competition. Good for them. And can we all stop for a moment and acknowledge how incredibly hot Sydney McNeil McLaughlin? Is that her name is that the one over there on the fire left? They're all fine. They're all fine. Fine. Look at women. Every one of them is a fine looking woman. But that one is you know, Specialist stand out. Oh, yes. Sydney McLaughlin is she is a smoke show. I mean, come on. That woman probably could go be a model after this unrelated to the Olympics, but Israel very excited. They had their best Olympic games ever. What is real, and Russia was really mad. I don't remember what the competition was, was a judo or something in the last round. They lost out right at the last moment to Israel. Israel kicked Russia's asked And what do they call it? Ju DACA, Israel Judaica. Is that somebody that does judo? Apparently, it is, um in the in the very in the very last minute there, Russia was complaining. That the competition was unfair in the judging was unfair in Russia, the country that had all the doping scandals. We don't like to bring that up. It hurts feelings. Let's bring it up about America. It's fine. You can't complain about people cheating in the Olympics when you cheated in the they're famous for cheating in the Olympics and the World CLO ratings at the Tokyo Olympics. Will be followed by an even woke her game in 2024, with the organizers apparent Paris Olympics emphasizing include 70 and gender politics will be at the forefront of the Olympic. That's the first thing everybody said about Tokyo. What about the gender politics? We We've got to make sure we work on that. Yeah. Gender politics. What is that? Exactly? Uh oh. Well, funny, you ask. I wish I hadn't Now here. Why don't we have this young woke generation Zuma explain it to you. Gender is a cultural construct, specifically a culturally constructed caste system designed to oppress women and benefit men. Woman is not a feeling I don't feel like in anything. It's a social class.

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