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Was seventy nine and LaGuardia was eighty. I mean, I mean, so offering airports a terrible, they're overcrowded. That is no parking there had to get to the food is lousy. Correct. And now they're all construction sites because they're being redone. And maybe a decade down the road and billions and billions they might be better. But in the meantime, they're disaster. And the only thing that's worse is Penn station. Advanced station is the busiest train station in the country by a margin and be is off, and I know this intimately because I had for many years officers in Madison Square Garden, which squats right on top of Penn station. Which means there's no match light in Penn station because of that, and it merges Amtrak and Long Island railroad in New Jersey transit all have this is their hobby each each one each section is different decided just different car does of different the lighting is different. There's no air conditioning in most of it. It's an abomination truly it's it's it's it's the biggest shame in New York City were still it was when it was built in nineteen ten it was gorgeous abide in the fifties. They knocked it down when they built a garden or the sixties, and they replaced it with this thing and. It's just the worst solution. Well, I mean must've solution. I mean, more money, you know, and and more speed I mean, which is more money. I mean, you cannot have this is the busiest city in the country. I believe the densest place in the world. You cannot have this. I mean, New York is our arrogance. In terms of of what they expect when they travel, and they had, you know, sometimes patients that could be bad at it. Because we use to officiency in New York is efficient you go to a restaurant in New York. And you're not gonna wait long for the to show up. Offer the food is short one hundred other examples, I could give you well, the airports and Penn station cannot be exempt from that they're in a meant to us, and it it's just unforgivable truly unforgivable that they exist in the condition that they exist now as we speaking thousands of people are being abused by these facilities because because we have a we just haven't put the money in the resource against them. And it's always been been patchwork stuff in little construction over here in little construction over there. This next one out Bill in thirty seconds, sedans SUV's. I wonder how anybody sells a regular sedan anymore. Just lost my earpiece. I don't know how because this simply too small, you know, about fifty percent of the Comaq now issue.

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