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Back at the hoover men bottom of the ninth inning a one run game tigers up three to gamecocks will have the six seven and eight hitter's up as todd peterson barrels of fastball down the middle of ninety two and it's all in one to lt tolbert leading things all tolbert over to on the day peterson the one missing at the letters one power one strike defensive change he comes in as we expected at first base for bryce jordan who earned the wall the one one misses me outside corner it's now two and one tolbert and taylor ben olsen two and one the camp to tolbert this time peterson take some time looks in now step on over the lengthy hitter three eighteen average on the year two one belt a line drive centerfield watson came in and he let it go over his head it's going all the way to the wall tolbert around second coburn on his way into third oh my goodness it was a line drive off the bat of tolbert watching playing the came flying in but then at the last moment realized he had come in to far ms judged it costly costly for the tigers nobody out bottom of the night digital scoring ron now just ninety feet away now the pressure on top of todd peterson the man taylor on the day over to the right hander awaits the pitch he's in the dirt walked up by producer it's one and out that's just the second time this year we've seen zach watson misjudging baseball happened in nashville earlier this year against vanderbilt very rare occurrence the one hour as is high outside now to an old account two hundred taylor.

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