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You are listening to sports overnight america thirteen 2012 doesn't seem like that long ago matt cain that was the only san francisco giants ever to throw a perfect game today that he says the ads saturday after is started at t park he will never throw another major league pitch cela insured matt cain announce seniors retirement very proud um that he said to come into the league in two thousand in q and to leave wearing that seems san francisco giants jersey so i'll i'll go back every it is sports overnight america with jared phillips and i am jeff rich and out you always talked a little bit about the cubs clinching their division we've talked about a you'll we've talked about rick pitino being out and the ag also out at louisville how follow this glory the story close jared about what's going on with ncw basketball with the corruption where it's not just cheating but it's according to the fbi breaking the law yeah you know i heard a little bit more about a scandal the day i know who there are a multitude of school the law what do you know but yeah you know rick potato with the you know a guy like that over seven hundred seventy when it out early to be a head cold that that in guatemala okay i know we have june came from yesterday angel talking about neil the breakdown we didn't know patino we heard louisville we heard miami yesterday played yellows oklahoma state it was already was u s c it was arizona with the assisting coaches being arrested a yellow if they've they're looking at this as we have the evidence this is not you know this is as open as shut as the fbi will ever lead us to believe that anything has ever been so i think that there i think they're trying to scare people out of their wormholes you'll have the theory is that everybody's cheetah and they're not offering amnesty here necessarilly as much as their say we will drop to hammer quoi azhar do you think victor let anybody calls that boss.

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