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It's sometimes you hook up and sometimes you don't and it's like it's cool like i don't know if i love like i wanna be fucking obsessed with someone that i it makes me want to die and i want to be able to write so many songs about them and i wanna i wanna go on adventures on a travel the world i want i need someone to be at least as successful if not more successful than me because men get really emasculated in relationships whether they will admit it or not. They feel uncomfortable if the girl is like doing better than them and it it that successes you know. It's it's relative. But i want someone that is at least like how has the same kind of mindset with me as me about work and success and life goals and all that stuff could you fall in love with. Let's say the best high school teacher in america loves job passionate teacher of the year award. He's crushing it financially. Obviously teachers we know are underpaid and sometimes under appreciated but he's the fucking bassey's coach the year. He's i mean if someone like no if we were really compatible and that's fine as long as he's not insecure emasculated by the fact that i'm going on torn doing all these crazy things and hanging out with random hot people all the time and as long as he's secure like i don't care what he was. Yeah and that's what i realize. A lot of the time is guys that aren't in the entertainment industry. Don't get it. They don't understand. Like i have a lot of guy friends that people might think are like really hawkeye's but i'm not attracted to them at all and they are not anything that someone i'm dating should worry about but like being in this world is like probably very it's just unknown to a lot of people so i've had more success with people that are in the entertainment industry and understand my life. I guess do you like Like when the confidence guys how. What is confident guide to you. And do you like guys who are protective. And can they be both through the have to be confident. Be protective or can a guy be over protective wall showing an insecurity. Does that make sense. I i mean there's definitely like a level of of protectiveness that you want like if someone's being an asshole you when they come to your come to your rescue classic thing but there's definitely like if i'm doing something that's totally fine normal and they're getting like overprotective about it. Then that's that's an insecurity thing that's like a trust problem so i don't know It just really. I really don't ever want to say like this is what i want out of a relationship or like. This is the kind of person that i want. Because i don't know until i meet someone i've definitely had a type. I your physical type or personality like both. I like like not like super super muscular guys but like tall pretty muscular like like guys out really like to workout in play sports or whatever Athletic guys and then. But i just ate a lot of youtubers internet boys and they cooked up with a lot of ways are they generally athletic. Yeah my friends. Make fun of me so much like it's insane. They make like the butt of every joke. But yeah. that's my type. I i would love to move on from that. I'm saying like. I only want to date those kinds of guys but i just i just my main thing is i just want to be obsessed with someone because it has to inspire me but what if we what if i told you because we've learned this on the show that sometimes the initial spark is a red flag. Not necessarily. that's why that's why. But how do you how do you. How are we going to get you to know. The and i don't know the i don't necessarily have an answer because i love that. I wanna be a i. I'm i'm obsessed with my girlfriend. I'm one hundred percent obsessed but at the same time. Like i definitely didn't feel that spark at first probably because i was kind of void. I don't go out with them again. Like i just don't i don't wanna waste time and i don't i you have to be obsessed away. I'm also like when. I go on dates and stuff like. I'm i'm really really sarcastic. I'm i i like to fuck with people and like field out a little bit and like save really crazy things to see if they laugh or if they're uncomfortable using try god yes so i. It doesn't necessarily have to be like that crazy spark but like i have to know that they're going to be the kind of person that i can get along with him. Be weird and psychotic. With so. And i i i don't have like different personalities but there's a lot of like i can be really really emotional but i can also be just. I just wanna have fun a lot of the time. I need someone that can kind of handle both of those things. And i'd like to feel people out. And a lotta times. I'll they just aren't we're not by being like that and i'm not going out with them again so obsess right away. I might be obsessed right away but they ought to at least have that thing that thing that you heard dick someday like you know ten years from now or five years from now or three years. You're going to whoever you end up with your. You'll be surprised you'll be like i never would have thought. Do you like that idea or not. You don't like boring and lame that i like. Well no. there'll be exciting you. They'll be who you know boring exciting. And you're saying that. I'm not going to have. Yeah but you're gonna end up with someone really boring record. I did not say that. No i'd i'd like for example like i used to always women who are kind of like what you're describing like. I love to challenge right. So i would equate that to right off the bat. Just i'd love those little games. And they would kind of challenge and i kind of took that as the challenge so to speak and so much that i didn't realize at the time but like their challenge was kind of like challenging my ego and so then i would get attracted to the challenge so to speak rather than them and then like for example like she never did that. You know. it wasn't boring at all but but it wasn't like stupa game. It wasn't the games and the challenge as they relationship evolve was more like just gonna conversations and then when that when she would challenge about something and say either. This bothers me or i think you could. I don't like how you did that etc etc became less competition and more of like i got felt better about it. I don't know but it was. Just it was. I just saw differently. You know and i. And i had the same girl twenty different times. You know like we all like we do that like it's normal and you always tell ourselves like no a friend and everyone's like no it's different hair-color really And i wouldn't even date different hair. Colors would that's Couple of blondes All right this has been great via before we let you go down to play a fun game called. do you know me sure. Don't obviously so excited. Appreciate a little energy. It's really simple. It's called dino me where i'm an accident i'm gonna ask you questions. Okay has olivia then. This has ever thought this done this. I don't answer right away..

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