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Mr Pendleton. Don't ever give me another rubber tube to swallow now Mister Peres and their wants you to drink this. What is it a lovely glass of buttermilk with Berry horrible? After you drink it knocked to kill. There's going to look behind the florist Gothic xrays screen. Do you see anything. I see Paris. Dodig WAVES DONALD. Take waves that serious. That's the contractions of the stomach. Oh I feel worse than I did before. I didn't hear it always gets worse before it gets better. I'm going to make a new man review Mr Mandelson. Hope I live that long. Your Patient Isolation Dr Kildare. Have you found anything startling or not? So far it's absolute nonsense putting a man through all those tests a wanted. A thorough examination even went to Karoo and demanded a thorough examination. When he's getting one you've been giving in the works blood test also test gall bladder. I wish I could have been there to see some of them. All of your patient you could have been but you didn't want him as a patient remember. How's he taking it on the last lap of the last mile? He's at his attorneys down twice making changes in his will. Probably cutting the hospital out of it. No no that's a funny says. This is the first efficient examination. He's ever had may not be enjoying it but he feels it's efficient. Lets you getting next? Well now he's going to swallow the rubber tube with the metal perforated tip. Do that is one of the most uncomfortable mood. I wouldn't have the heart to do that to any man that didn't really need. How do you know he doesn't need it? You pass the rubber tube through the stomach to the duodenum where it remains duodenal juices collected and kindly spammy that classroom like your doctor. I don't need any refresher course. Then you know that this test will enable me to study. The secretion of pancreatic plays an important part in this dependence digestion. His stomach that he keeps complaining about. You're going to do all these things. Waste all these examinations on a healthy man. I don't think they're going to be wasted. Gillespie I hope through these examinations to bring Mr Pendleton back to health. Care to come along and have a look at the patient. I certainly.

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