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Then that's a yes. That is him zinc in the in the press conference afterwards saying, oh, I went by feel there that one that's a first time. I ever heard Dave Roberts by my life rose in game four of the World Series. It was just it's it's the equivalent of game five of the World Series last year. Everything changed everything changed that was the series. The series was lost in the seventh inning of game four period end of story. And if that's. Your feel your feels awful. Yeah. Or is he just fallen on a sort up at that's fallen on a so that's the wrong time to fall on the sword. You'd be going all year long saying, you know, it was in fallen the plan following the plan on the plan. And now this one you choose the worst possible say. Otherwise, you're gonna reveal the plan is being stupid. Well, I mean, that's what it is. But his part revealing anything you're sticking with the narrative Nova part of his job is also I think to kind of put a positive spin on all these things that are going on in and fight the perception that they're a bunch of automatons. And also remember to he's been a guy who's been on a one year contract. Basically for the last couple. He's technically on a one year contract. Just picked up his. He's a guy's been kind of going year to year and his job is to explain to the locker room be affront person for the media. I I'm between you got a little more to do than nothing. But it's not making every decision in the way that traditional manners managers now. Fairness traditional managers, just generally speaking, don't do exactly what they should be pointed out that most traditional managers made horrible decisions all the time. Oh, Oh, yeah. yeah. No nonstop. And and you know, maybe that you know, all they can do is put the dodgers in position to win. If that was the recipe, it was a bad recipe. If Dave Roberts was operating on feel it was bad feel that's where the World Series ended in the seventh inning of game four. I not even not stock starting game. One not that. I'm stuck in a moment. Pedro bias out in game. One came was the inciting incident that chain-reaction the entire thing. What I'm trying to think game one Pedro bias? They went with kenley. Stuck in a moment. Good call. They went kenley for two out went to kenley, right? When to kenley in eighth instead of instead of going in the eighth and kenley in the nice Canley gives up the home run. All the sudden repeated it when they wouldn't let by pitch. This is one of those. He was unavailable. For some reason bait. Yeah. No. They said he was available. Pedro comes to you and says, I'm not available. You say go yourself, Santan. I mean, Nathan of all the I think through seven hundred thirty eight. He just would go out there and through this, by the way, one of the most genius songs ever written. You stuck in a moment is such a great song album. Unbelievable all the things I didn't want that. I couldn't get what's that xactly? Not the name of all that. You can't leave. On the ball had. But you couldn't get. All of those things all some of the stuff that you wanted. But were unable to find baseball is one of those ones that do you get stuck in a moment with Don denture, not making that call and the World Series against the royals. Baseball is the biggest one for stuck in a moment. Right. Stuck in a moment and NFL game easy to find the thing that screws it up basketball, it's a little harder. Because it's you know, it's ten other things in here. I got stuck in a moment last year during a Rams game. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So it's Seattle who's going to be here this week. Here we go Seattle. They're down score and Jared Goff is driving. And this was told to me by Kirk Morrison. He said Earl Thomas all game long was locking up Cooper Cup. And that on one particular play. He was playing cat and mouse he looked off of Cooper Cup. There was wiggle room for for for Cooper..

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