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Shut hospitals and airports relied on generators, it happened while some areas were holding local elections voters cast ballots using cell phones torches, Argentina's president, muddy CEO Macanese calling the outage unprecedented and his own investigation. His energy secretary says it's not. Fought to be sabotage flip breeds and beyond us. India is imposing tariffs on the US. The duties were announced last year, but the country delayed implementation until today after talks on a broader US India trade deal broke down and Washington dropped India's preferential trade status last month. The tariffs, cover about one and a half billion dollars worth of goods and twenty eight categories on products, including apples, and almonds, Israel has inaugurated, the site of a future settlement in the Golan Heights its name Trump heights. And here's Daniel estrin has more Israel is naming the new Golan Heights settlement after President Trump because Trump has backed Israel's claim to the territory, Israel captured the Golan from Syria in nineteen sixty seven other countries, do not recognize the Israeli annexation, but Trump calls the Golan strategically important for Israel's security, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US ambassador to Israel, David Freedman unveiled a large sign with golden letters, bearing the name Trump heights. The ambassador wish Trump a happy birthday for. The cajun. And Trump tweeted his, thanks, but despite the dedication ceremony there is no final Israeli government approval to build the settlement on that site. The approval must wait until a new Israeli government is formed after September elections. Daniel estrin NPR news. Jerusalem. Phoenix mayor que Galago says an altercation between police and a young family was completely inappropriate and unprofessional, and she's calling for action. This comes after video emerged showing police pointing guns and yelling profane comments at a father and a pregnant woman holding her one year old, the couple says they didn't realize their four year old, daughter, took a doll from a store. Jerry Williams is the city's police chief. I know there are people that are angry out there. I am angry the twenty nine hundred other officers are angry. But at the end of the day, I o ATar community to listen to those forces speaking there on KNX V, T V. She says an investigation is underway. Family has filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the city. You're listening to NPR news. From kqed news, I'm Ryan, Levy, a concord man is in custody after being arrested for allegedly threatening online to conduct a mass shooting against Jews the East Bay times reports the FBI received a tip earlier this month from the video. Game platform steam the Twenty-three-year-old Ross, Anthony Farka had repeatedly posted about wanting to kill Jewish. People reporter Nate Gartrell says Farka was inspired by religiously motivated shootings in New Zealand and power earlier this year. Screen name was off Hitler and then six million, which is obviously.

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