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Ultimately what matter right like paper dollars or not like a lot of people think like i'm gonna start a company and raise money companies now were thirty million dollars in your worth ten million dollars on paper but whether or not you know you lose a big client you lose you know a big group of customers whatever it is and now you're companies out of business just like that you're millionaire on paper never existed liquid dollars however you choose to attain them is is how you actually accumulate wealth right but i i i think the biggest point is what what that sort of what we'll call a phase of your life right allow judah now chase an even bigger dream in inside a a less dangerous zone where it's like now you've you've created your own freedom and now you can take this risk yourself you know and and i think you know i don't know why think about it all the time but i always think to myself like being millionaires always weird to me right in and even though it's been like for a really long time it's still still picture myself as just like a normal person right in in what money actually does i'm incredibly i mean of the twenty two lake holdings we have we have five investments and and seventeen builds right and put up so much of my own money to build those and invested almo money because it's it's i don't want to manage somebody else's money or necessarily ask for money at the beginning stage because that's the hardest one it's just an idea like that's the hardest time to get money versus like once you've proved it you know but because i already have the foundation it makes it so much easier for me to take those risks that i often contemplate how difficult in especially when i'm trying to inspire talk to other entrepreneurs it's different my risk tolerance is different because i could lose it all.

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