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Health assembly in Geneva I understand the doctor generous unusually close ties to Beijing started long before this current pandemic and that's a deeply troubling president she claimed this week the Chinese acted with openness transparency responsibility hi I wish it were so it's been a hundred and forty two days since doctors at Wuhan central hospital for started sharing information about sars like virus and yet today we also hear this morning Beijing continues to deny investigators access to relevant facilities to hold live virus samples to censor discussion the pandemic within China and much much more the Chinese commerce party wants to demonstrate real openness real transparency it could easily hold preferences press conference like this very press conference and allow reporters to ask him anything that they would like third China's contributions to fighting the pandemic are paltry compared to the costs that they have imposed on the world this plague has cost roughly ninety thousand American lives more than thirty six million Americans have lost their jobs since March globally three hundred thousand lives could be as much as nine trillion dollars according to our estimates cost imposition on the world by the Chinese communist party's failures the United States has responded with about ten billion dollars to benefit the international response everything from vaccine research the funding for preparedness efforts in humanitarian aid that's compared to a promise of two billion dollars from the Chinese according to fulfill that two billion dollar commitment private American businesses to nonprofits charities citizens have provided an additional four point three million dollars from American donations to assist the world there is no country that remotely rivals what the United States has done to help combat this terrible virus and today I'm pleased to announce another hundred sixty two million for assistance bringing our total commitments dispersed to more than one billion dollars since the outbreak began that's just what the state department USA ID have done in addition to that funny today the state department and U. S. ID and the inter American foundation are providing more than two hundred million in assistance for Venezuelans in need as well this is what we do all around the world we will help the world recover from this pandemic turning from mother to Taiwan I want to say congratulations to present fine or not Gration the democratic process in Taiwan has matured into a model for the world despite great pressure from outside Taiwan has demonstrated the wisdom of the giving the people a voice and a choice in Hong Kong our decision on whether or not to identify Hong Kong is having a high degree of autonomy from China is still pending closely watching what's going on there this week pro democracy legislators were manhandled while trying to stop a procedural irregularity by proshare pro Beijing legislators leading Hong Kong activists like Martin Lee and Jimmy Lai were hauled into court actions like these make it more difficult to assess the Hong Kong remains highly autonomous from mainland China secretary of state Mike Pompeo we also keep a close eye on human rights as we always do pandemic or no pandemic I was pleased the France arrested this weekend at least see on Google who is alleged to have played a key role in the Rwandan genocide we're monitoring Burundi as voters there go to the polls today urged all sides to refrain refrain from provocations and all out there to be an election with no violence to let every citizen have the opportunity exercise their democratic rights Nicaragua too we're concerned about numerous credible reports of possible filling up and bodies being buried under cover of night pointing to a much more severe situation than the regime is actually acknowledging and we're concerned that individuals around the world individuals including journalists have been arrested and detained based on their public statements are activities regarding call the nineteenth the United States condemns all such uses of the pandemic around the world as a pretext for repression on the better news last week saw three huge diplomatic wins I like to highlight the first last week did as they shipped its first ever crude oil to Belarus I traveled there a few months back made the commitment that we would work on this project with them so they would be less dependent on crude oil from those who see the world a little bit differently this deal out Belarus to diversify supplies to go forward and take crude oil from free nations were the largest producer of oil and gas in the world's nations want enhanced energy security and deals crafted with respect for property rights of free enterprise the rule of law come talk to us we'll we'll get it done with you second in Afghanistan the United States welcomes the political settlement by president Ghani and doctor bill we are the two leaders to channel momentum generated by this positive outcome to speed up the government's entry into inter Afghan negotiations we need all sites including the Taliban to do their part to get into talks we need violence reduced working hard to meet the critical objective of give peace getting peace and reconciliation inside of Afghanistan third I'm really proud of the team here at the state department and the commerce department who worked hard to help bring Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing corporation is twelve billion dollar investment for a new state of the art chip foundry to Arizona microchips integral to all our national security we made in America again that deal was a piece off and integral part of the string accomplishes that we call the five G. national security Trifacta something we've been working on for some time last week the United States closed a loophole while we had used to circumvent export controls by designing a producing semiconductors abroad and third the third part of the trifecta it's something I've mentioned before the five G. clean path five G. data transiting American diplomatic facilities must only transit through a trusted equipment I had a good conversation with that K. as for this week on the importance of making sure our military bases participate in the five G. class path initiative as well an update you on our maximum pressure campaign against the Islamic Republic of Iran to more marks twenty four months to years since I launched the campaign to get around to behave like a normal nation we continue to follow through on that commitment a tornado designation of Islamic Republic around shipping lines goes into effect last week the United States government provide the maritime and energy industries new guidance to reduce their risk of exposure to sexual activities related to Iran as well as those regarding North Korea and Syria the world maritime community is warned doing business with these vessels risks severe consequences our maximum pressure campaign also tells the man to the regime in Tehran treat its own people with respect and dignity today the United States announces that is imposing sanctions on twelve Iranian individuals and entities under the human rights authorities one of those sanctions the card is the current minister of interior for Ron Abul Rehman Faisaly we have reason to believe that he is the individual who gave orders in November two thousand nineteen authorizing Iranian police forces to use lethal force that peaceful protesters inside of Iran his evil commands killed Iranian citizens we're proud to meet out what just as we can on behalf of the slain and silenced inside of Iran and finally we just marked the second anniversary of six years since Paul Overby's disappearance in Afghanistan our colleagues at the FBI have renewed their one million dollar offer for information relating to his return and my team continues to press towards that goal through diplomatic channels as well the well being of American citizens comes first to this president and this administration with that I'm happy to take a few questions secretary of state Mike Pompeii at the state department hi good morning on Taiwan's mention that that democratically elected Taiwan's president Tsai ing Wen a few hours ago inaugurated to continue her second term all we saw them video messages from national politics the national security adviser Paquin Jr in Mandarin Chinese and we sell the meat off you don't message from Assistant Secretary still well and your statements to congressional Taiwan my question for you is how does the United States fusion it's a relationship with Taiwan and Taiwan's global participation after a double edge in the coming years separately if I may president trump mentioned last week that a U. S. make call of old relationship with China would you like to weigh in yourselves should the United States punter and office relationship with Taiwan based on the shared values of democracy religious freedom and human rights thank you so what we've congratulated the winner of the election there we were happy to see that my congratulations were in English and Mandarin it was the best that I could do but we understand that the work that we have down there and comports with the history of the agreements between the United States and China is the right solution to maximize the stability there in the streets this is a repair she's been radio programming from Wednesday resident talked about how we're going to respond how he's beginning to think about responding to the calamity that has befallen the world as a result of the actions of the Chinese Communist Party I don't want to get ahead of him terms of talking about how the administration will respond to that but you can already begin to see the outlines of it I talked about this with our five G. national security trifecta you can already see how we're beginning to work to make sure we get America first that we get this foreign policy right and that we respond to these risks that the Chinese Communist Party presents the United States in an appropriate way you saw yesterday I think it was maybe was the day before the department defense make announcements about work on rare earth minerals so that again we wouldn't be dependent on a nation that has demonstrated its unreliability its willingness to steal our intellectual property all the things that frankly for decades this isn't remotely partisan Democrat presidents Republican president all just to turn the other way because of one point five billion people in the opportunity for enormous markets and this hope this hope that engagement would lead to a change in the behavior of the Chinese Communist Party it it didn't happen president trump has been incredibly serious about making sure that we do the right things for the American people I I know he'll continue to do it we continue to work on this to develop an appropriate way to think about how we can get the Chinese Communist Party in China to behave in a way that's consistent with how we ask every nation to be thank thank you thank you Mr secretary last night then the Palestinian authority president without grass abrogated all agreements with Israel and the United States including security coordination do you have any comment on that would you also add a comment on the process and the progress of education currently and again last month by Mr Netanyahu that filters so should you live yes Sir so I am not we note the announcement by Abbas I was in communication today with our teams there we we hope that the security arrangements will continue to be a place that the the work that's done on the ground there to keep people in Israel and Palestinian safe will continue so I'm not exactly sure what to make of his statement but I but I regret that he's decided to abrogate these agreements we laid out a very clear vision for how peace could be brought we asked simply for this we ask the Israelis and the Palestinians to agree that that would be the basis for negotiations between the Israelis have accepted that the Palestinians have continued to refuse to just simply sit down and enter into negotiation based on president trump's vision for peace there we know that vision for peace will lead to better lives for the Palestinian people it it knowledges that in a very clear and unambiguous way we hope that the leadership in the Palestinian authority will see that that's in their people's best interest and then we can move out in that way according to the vision that was laid out but the last thing to say is I was in Israel last week we had conversations about how we can move this vision for peace fort and we're going to continue to work with the all the parties involved to try to get that old when I commute you can see how the Middle East as change you can see how are you now have what the most anti semitic country in the world the Islamic Republic of Iran pitted against Arab nations in Israel who understand that the great threat in the Middle East is very different than it may have been decades ago that threat now emanates from Iran and you can see these other nations working together to insure that we take down risk throughout the middle Middle East and the president's vision for peace there.

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