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Washington Home of the wizards It's three 28 Traffic and weather come on the 8th and when it breaks back to Dave dill ein in the WTO traffic center Rich Georges county beltway in her lips slow traffic moving south of 50 toward two O two Police were stopped with one should be wrapping up soon in the crash before Pennsylvania avenue exit 11 is on the right shoulder Largo landover central avenue at Morgan boulevard Richie rode crash one ended up flipping over and they've got most of central avenue blocked just east of the intersection two 14 blocked in that area for the crash response On the beltway in Montgomery count I just normal volume delays on the interloop pass three 55 over Connecticut avenue two 70 so far so good In Virginia moving north of farrow's hospital traffic is slow on west ox road and at one point all traffic on west stocks was sent right onto Bennett road to take Fox mill passed a crash Southbound traffic on west ox road was getting bi 66 All the single line closures for express lanes work from the midday are clear Volume delays are going to be brief on 66 no delays yet on three 95 95 south pace remain slow from lord woodbridge and only slights slowdowns farther south through Stafford county Once again long fence is giving 20% off savings and offenses Dex and pavers financing is available for qualified buyers go to long fence dot com and schedule your free estimate today Dave delta IW TOP traffic Now the latest forecast for you from storm team four meteorologist chuck bell We've had more than enough shots of cold air around here and there's at least two more coming this week so enjoy the relatively mild weather for today Near 40°.

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