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It took just seventeen hours but negotiations between the Columbus education association and the city school district are now over with an agreement reached in the middle of the night the comprehensive contract agreement expected to address smaller class sizes more resources and better pay and benefits hundreds of teachers March to city hall earlier this week Macy Jepson reporting president trump says he was not the main target of the second round of democratic presidential debates Tuesday and Wednesday a Democrat spent more time attacking Iraq to Obama then they did attacking me practically speaking at a rally in Cincinnati Thursday from bad of foreign governments want former vice president Joe Biden to win the election next year the nation's economy out of one hundred sixty four thousand jobs in July better than economists' forecasts of a hundred fifty four thousand brings the total US labor force to a record one hundred sixty three point four million unemployment unchanged at three point seven percent the Kennedys are mourning the loss of a family member Robert F. Kennedy's granddaughter Sir sure Kennedy hill has died police were called to the Kennedy compound in Hyannis port Massachusetts yesterday afternoon and an investigation is ongoing hill attended Boston College where she was a member of the class of twenty twenty a family statement did not include a cause of death but did talk of her laughter and passion about human rights and work building schools in Mexico it also quoted her ninety one year old grandmother Ethel Kennedy as saying quote the world is a little less beautiful today search for Kennedy hill was twenty two Tanya Jerry powers fox news today marks the beginning of the sales tax holiday in Ohio shoppers who purchase school or instructional supplies priced under twenty dollars clothing priceless and seventy five dollars will not pay the state sales tax.

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