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GINSBURG. Granny were you at the game last year the home game when we played the Browns 'cause I. Have Never. In my adult life seen the browns fans that confident they were strolling through the stadium like day owned it. They were. We're going to beat you and. I was at that game with guard Owl 'cause they they came in there. They know they knew what they were doing. They CA- they they came to. Pittsburgh. With myles Garrett Jerseys I mean they knew what they were doing. They were trolling us they were they were talking trash and the thing was is like you're gonNA talk about us. We don't even have a quarterback now you come at us. Oh, this is a disrespect, a level of which, I have never see and then When we finally sent them back up the river. was just it was a thing of beauty bellman and the DVD morning show. Well they got set back up again yesterday the steelers put a walloping on the browns it's All is right with the world. Once again, it comes at a big price for the steelers I'm having a hard time just feeling good about this because losing Devon Bush for the season is devastating. It's Not Something you recover from and the steelers defense is going to be much more vulnerable as a result is the one position we talked about all off-season, the the weakness, their in depth, and it's going to be exposed now Mickey splaying you know. Like he he's it's not too big for him, but Devon Bushes and elite player. You know just replace those guys Michael have more on that later this morning tim bands also from the trip left Sports Pittsburgh steeler radio network also Jerry Dulack from the Post Gazette and stance admiral the power steeler talk today as we revel. In the W. at enjoy seeing Baker Myles, Garrett and company put their tail between their browns, legs and. SEIDEL THEIR WAY BACK TO CLEVELAND Sucking on a loss and it feels so good vows. Got Your News Right now on the DVD morning show what's up Valerie? A channel eleven severe weather center forecast on severe weather center eleven. Balance Giving you the international signed for restart because your. Your computer is in one of those. I'm like giving Val. She's like, what do you talk I? Don't get to say it job doing. Doing hand things say it. Got That hand signal. Not figure. Ryan a circle. Like this circle wrap it up this circle. Cut this one. Yeah. But. I guess thinking. I'm not sure what circle in an Arrow because that's how the power button look sometimes for you. Once again. Then I sound better now drew. You. Sound Great. You do. Okay good fifty four degrees. Now at dv Val Porter, a federal judge is stopping the trump administration plan to slash food stamp benefits and new policy would have removed states ability to waive work requirements for food stamps ending assistance to nearly seven hundred, thousand Americans the judge ruling the change was arbitrary and capricious millions of Americans unemployed because of the pandemic struggling to pay for housing as well. Mortgage Bankers Association reports more than six million people miss their rent or mortgage payments. Last month the percentage of homeowners and renters who are behind in payments dropped a little in the third quarter but experts more. The overall number is still very high. Federal Judge says a beaver county nursing home cannot claim immunity from a lawsuit alleged the home with negligent and taking steps to prevent the spread of Covid nineteen federal judge Arthur Schwab says the bright and rehabbing wellness center in beaver could not use federal law to protect it from a wrongful death suit filed by the family of sixty nine year old Elizabeth wiles. Wiles was a cancer survivor and housekeeper at the home who told her employer that she was concerned about her risk of contracting corona virus. She was later diagnosed with the virus and died this last May. It looks like in nineteen rate among Dennis was low during the spring the American Dental Association. Published a report saying less than one percent of dentists across the country had confirmed or probable cases. The study surveyed over two thousand Denison June. It also found ninety nine point. Seven percent of Dennis were using enhanced infection control procedures, which included patient screenings L. TH experts continue to worry about Dennis exposure to the virus given the proximity to patients, mouths, and the number of aerosols some procedures produce. According to study, from university, College Lung London the strongest predictor of men's happiness and well-being is. Not Money. Good health a hot wife, all the sex they want or a big fancy house. The strongest predictor of men's happiness and well-being is job satisfaction and the strongest predictor of job satisfaction is whether a man feels he's making an impact on the success of the company rest of the happiness in life flows from that. Tom Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer are now honorary naval aviators. Thanks to their roles in the nineteen eighty, six movie top gun. The Navy says Topgun made a profound impact on recruiting for Naval Aviation. Now, Bruckheimer and crews can wear the wings of gold which grants them the same honors, courtesies and privileges afforded to naval aviators. Top guns we sequel is set to come out next year. Steven says she and Christine mcvie had kids there would have been no fleetwood Mac. She said that in an interview with the Guardian adding quote, there's just no way that I could have had a child Ben working hard as we worked constantly and there were a lot of drugs I was doing a lot of drugs I would have had to walk away and I knew that the music we were going to bring to the world was going. To heal so many people's hearts and make people. So happy I thought you know what? That's really important. There's not another band in the world that has to lead women singers to lead women writers that was my world's mission of Christine was in this room with me right now to tell you both made the decision not to have kids and instead follower a musical muse around the world. It's not my job it's who I am and quote. Show also admitted in the article that she had an abortion and nineteen seventy-nine during a relationship with Don Henley. After deciding as you heard that, it would have been impossible to keep working with the band of she had other obligations the Classic Knicks, Lindsey Buckingham Lineup of fleetwood Mac, not childless though the guys do have kids. When Buckingham Mick Fleetwood and John Make the all have children. So that they ignored in order to pursue their musical endeavors. You can go on the road and leave the wife at home with the kid. It's a little harder for the woman I think unfortunately. Considerably harder. Forecast Today chance of rain likely today and temperatures. In the mid sixties it's fifty, four, a DVD. Wide Open Tames Washington locked in for the touchdown. The. Brown sick when they should've zagged James and. I Like Wide Open spaces but twenty eight yard touchdown passed Rothlisberger to wash. Yeah, James Washington with the touchdown there the steelers would roll over the browns yesterday add Heinz field and it was never in question as they came out. Firing. On all cylinders thought they were going to knock it right in the end zone right off the bat unfortunately they. Slowdown settle for a field goal there. But they're able to add one on top of that touchdown up ten nine and I mean it was like never a game for the browns they never sound in it. Couldn't get a passing game going couldn't get a running game Gome. steelers defense was great as I said earlier, the injury to Devon Bush is devastating to the steelers particularly facing Ryan Tannehill Helen the titans offense coming up this weekend. That.

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