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In the thankful say things that was a one hundred twenty suns fan here with the cleanly. I was gonna say shaven but it's more of a haircut. You got going there cinder more of a haircut. Hello hello it's been a long time. It's been a full week since i've talked to you. Just ignore me for the rest of the week and just show the podcast. Great friends crew. We did write to each other a little bit. Yeah when i asked. A question takes two days to respond. Real great doesn't it. took me one day. Okay fair enough. So since i didn't need to arrive your internet over fifty six k style. I guess i did all the patriots on shoutouts last time. So i think it's time for you to do it. I'm doing all of them. This time yeah all right. I'll do it by a week. We got a few more people are starting to weed is going to be. This is going to be a ten minute segment and if you really long well i'll i'll try to be quick so we can move on but they also deserve out so you know it's the right balance so as usual guys if you guys want to chip in and support the podcast. It's patriots dot com slash. We say things but this is the in bruised here. Which is the highest one in. This tier are games for falling asleep. When the okay ish lord of candles heroin horse is the greatest third position to player in the world disco farm d playing caudal plank position for caudal at one kim amar and by a blasting three jungle camps in the mid at three minutes. Why can't i rank up. Vincent dark mediocre night torius and his good voice if the dog semper fi. Couldn't matata the guy in the esquire. Lucas franken commander dona. I'm playing position. Five zero please help me. I'm imprisoned in sons fence basement. Okay bradsher bonsai of wiseguy chicken potpie car playing against elaine is so shitty. His second spill should be called. Victor blessed the mega pope in new zealand. Friendship costs fifty point thirty two dollars per month. Thanks for the vaccine. Denmark in new zealand very welcome denmark sense or sold. I don't remember which was probably sold half a million vaccines to new zealand recently. That's nice xavier nickel zero one. Hence croat's bacon morbidly wanking off my god like sean as i look up among the stars knowing my only salvation is first item bottle like this is the same guy as usual shark. Pm onion the dog. Novi panda dopp chestnut in japanese nicholas. I'm half japanese. Nothing to see here. Underscore the nine hour purge video. That follows a monstrous patch. Is ben broom heads. Religion pitch-black wouldn't after-taste done talk. Outsourced incest anonymous buying my friendship with sun central thirty dollars a month..

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