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Nine thousand reported new cases of syphilis compared to forty eight thousand estimated new diagnoses of HIV. So it is still present and it is most common in people between the ages of twenty and twenty nine years of age which has led it to be called cupid's disease by the way. And of course, one other way we should mention that it till you can transfer syphilis is through an unborn child, and so congenital syphilis which will will talk about a little bit more later. That's also a huge problem because when syphilis manifests innate newborn child, the the, the. Affects our, it can be pretty disastrous. So once against syphilis, even though it is of tremendous interest from a historical standpoint, it is not a purely historical disease. Now we just don't put as much emphasis on it these days in as in terms of infectious diseases because it can be controlled by penicillin and we'll talk about that later. Yes, yes, it can be wiped out by penicillin and and that has been a huge advantage in the war against syphilis for sure. But still it is. It is an adversary that that carries on even in the advent of what would seem a magic bullet. Yeah. And let's talk about this dastardly organism also known as Trump Nima Paladin. Yes, Trebinje McDowell them which is a Trebinje mole disease. There are other Trebinje will diseases which will get into these in coup clued, visual, pinta and yards. None of these of course are sexually transmitted, but they are essentially skin ailments that are that are transferred by skin-to-skin contact. Yes. So they are related to Trump Nima Palo dome, but they themselves as you say, are not spread through sexual contact. I should add to be clear if you want to get really particular syphilis is caused by a subspecies of Trebinje McDowell them, essentially Trebinje McLeod empowered them. But for all intents in references going forward, Japanese pout on t- Paldam syphilis. You'll know what we're talking about. Now, this is the spiral shape. Bacterium also known as a Spiro Keat in we're talking about slender spiraling undulating bacteria here. And again, it is most often spread by sexual contact and the disease occurs in three primary stages. We'll talk more about that and no, these these later stages that will discuss are not so common in our modern era, right? Yeah, because the later stages obviously deal with a case of syphilis that is not. Entreated not been cured with a penicillin. All right. Well, let's let's talk about how syphilis is transmitted, and I'd like you to think about this in terms of an invasion because that's what it is. We're, we're dealing with an invasion of these Spiro Keats into the human body, and this invasion takes place in a few different phases. So syphilis can be spread again by through through the birthplace Cinta by kissing close contact transfusion of fresh human blood. But the main ways that it's that it's spreading through sexual contact. We're talking vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex, all of these will serve as as a as an entry point. Now, the way that the spiral into the body, they enter through the skin. And when intimate contact of this nature is made that is when when the spire key interests the body interest through the skin and there it will hang out until it makes it self known in the form of Civiletti or also known as a Schenker and Schenker's occur. Mainly on external genitals that Jonah anus or in the rectum they can also occur on the lips and in the mouth. So this is when you see most of the transmission occur among people when these words are present, right? This is primary syphilis. This is first stage syphilis and think of this in terms of the enemy initially getting in to the fortress. This is the the Shankar is literally the entry point for the for the Spiro Keats and it may be a small number of Sparky's and maybe a larger number aspire Keats. But this is where they're getting it. This is the whole in the fortress wall. Yeah, in these Schenker's can appear usually around twenty one days after infection, but sometimes as little as ten or even ninety days. Yeah. And they may say, hang around for three to six weeks, and here's the thing they can. If you look pictures online and sure you should definitely go do a Google search for for what things look like your loins, but they may look pretty intense at times..

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