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News. As we continue with twenty minutes of nonstop news. A little girl in Aberdeen. Did exactly the right thing. Police Lieutenant Dale green telling of the five year old was playing on a sidewalk near a deli on. I avenue on the weekend. When a man suddenly grabbed her pick up the child that can start to scream in child down got into retro and let the another witness who lives in the area saw the red pickup heading out of the area at high speed, the witness telling police that the pickup had a large garbage can in the bed and large scratch across the passenger side of the tailgate the search to wide area have not located a suspect family and friends of a child who was hit by an SUV are pleading with the driver to turn themselves in the collision happened Saturday night at one hundred thirteen on south park land and a ten year old by Caitlyn Rogers recovering after her leg pelvis and shoulder were broken win that SUV hitter while she was riding a scooter the Pierce county sheriff's office believes the car was a black Nissan Pathfinder or something similar the now has front end damage over the next three weeks state troopers and other police agencies are going to be out on extra patrols searching for motorists who are not wearing their seatbelts. Komo's Carleen Johnson. And reports a certain target group will be their focus traffic safety commission says about ninety three percent of people in our state are always buckled in the car. But still we averaged more than one hundred people every year who die in crashes without a seatbelt on. Most of these are young people more often men between the ages of twenty one and twenty five traffic safety commission. Trying to get the message to that group using humor at a horror movie scene with a guy with a chainsaw and a young couple who jump in a car trying to get away the girl realizes there's no seat belts in the car. Who cares? Of the thirty seven thousand one hundred thirty three people killed.

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