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For family of four this considerable cost. Does not reflect the nation's respect for those prepared in extremist to give them lives for country therefore written across party with the honorable member. From regions signed by hundred thirty members of parliament to the home secretary to seek his support to bullish these visa fees at a time when the UK is Chad of the con- wells with my right on befriend in the prime minister, give fast for this great non-party political 'cause that is supported by the Royal British Legion. Mr Speaker to pay tribute to. Men women from Commonwealth countries who serve in services that service something this and previous governors have valued it all on the particular point that my on befriend makes about immigration requirements. I'm sure that my friend the home secretary will take very seriously and very carefully at representations. Make. When last month football referee Nottinghamshire hotter. Flea game locked himself in the car and call the place. Their favorite sponsor was a six match ban on a fifty pound fine considering what's out into Ryan sterling, Don EROs on the growth of racism at every level in football. And that co for a national forum, isn't it clear that the football? Authorities are not capable without our help and help about getting on top of this problem, particularly racism in football. The government not take a lead in the way, the promise to date on ills breath and help cone vein using that officers such forum. As MRs Stirling others requested this summer about Mr Speaker, you might offer this location as an appropriate venue for such a forum. Harry, MRs speaker, I think every member of this house will condemn without reservation the behavior to which remember referred. Did. He something that should be regarded as completely beyond the boundary acceptability in our society. I can undertake to my own befriend. The sports minister will want to sit down with him and any other colleagues in the house to make the power to discuss what more might be. Mr speaker. Yes. The gene Goulding who cheers the British representing over one point three million British nationals in the EU. Twenty seven reminded me that Michelle Farnese later is almost one month old in terms of responding to the requirement of this house to carbo citizen's rights relevant in withdrawal agreement. Given the absence over withdrawal agreement being passed in this house, kind my feigned inform the house what actions the government has taken since receiving Michelle Obama's Lehto. The. Recall, what my friends Szott successfully was that the government should make representations to the commission offering them if they would call the citizen's rights elements of the withdrawal agreement overall. I think they're all legal problems with that in the withdrawal agreement stands together as a package, and as a Patrick has been submitted to the European parliament having been formally and legally approved by the European Council separate elements of that might mean to have those European procedures again, assuming the political willingness to do so I will ask my friend. The Brexit secretary to speak to my friend to give him an update from where we are in this village. It's complacence to claim we are on target to meet our climate change over Gauchan 's when emissions from Air, France, and shipping of imports and exports are excluded from the figures.

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