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An education. You know and Oh also dealing with you know how do you explain to your small child or your young child like what this means you know. What is a pandemic wire? We wearing masks. Why can't I go over to my friend's house? Why can't we play on the playground? Wise the movie theater so this is incredibly challenging for everybody and you know most people are doing pretty good at it. Well you tell you what if you're with people you love. It's a lot easier and so that's why it's nice if it's a family that really gets along that's it can be okay. How about you Robert? You doing all right. Yeah overall I had some incredibly horrible illness Late December of last year that lasted like a month and a half under. If you have it I I would love to be tested there. My own hospital has like Lsu exhibiting symptoms. Don't come anywhere near and so I'm like if I had it and I'm over it I would love to get out donate blood plasma or why. Fortunately son got back from Asia and On the twenty eighth of March he was in Bali Vietnam. He was traveling all over was living with a bunch of kids in Bali. Finally convinced him to come home bout about a week. After he got home he got sick. He had a headache. He was weak. He had muscle pains. He coughed and we couldn't get him tested. He's much better now. He's fine now. He's one hundred percent now and I told him you might be in luck. You're one of the first. You know he just graduated from college last year. We might be one of the first people in your age cohort to be able to go out and work because you've got. You might have immunity. Steve Gibson also got weirdly very. Ill wasn't able to get tested. He's recovered so people like you like you and Steve and my son You could be the golden you might have that yellow card you can carry around saying. I'm I'm cove it free. I got the immunity now. Just doing whatever I can to keep friends and family com safe and anything anybody needs. I can get it done nice and all our local businesses are closed down except for essential services like many places but well in a way. We're lucky because we're all of us are already a little bit introverted. We're used to staying at home. Skype chats and this is a dramatic change. Innocent really is one of my one of my hardcore like extrovert friends was saying how like how horrible this was and I said this is exactly how I feel when you invite me to a party where I don't exactly I love you guys. It's so nice to see you. I am so glad you're all doing so well And I thank you for being friends for more than twenty years now since the tech TV days When we started when I started twit I did and I bring this up every time offer. Both Patrick and Kevin Partnership in the company but they declined which is a good thing. Because you'd still be working for a living right about now but I'm Kevin Obviously didn't need me did much better without me and I'm glad you're doing so well and I'm glad the family's doing well. Patrick I love you. I hope you find a home at someplace we will. Somehow at some we will but A lot of America look at maybe about as close as we can get a unless the real estate prices. Come down a huge way in Portland. I love Portland. We both love the mere fact that Powell's books is in Portland. We want Yeah in Powell's books in the shelving system running around with a flashlight. Robert Heron great to have you to. It's always a pleasure to see a former lab rat. I have much to thank you for and you are. You've always treated me really well even even in the earliest days of being attacked TV and being the underlying on culver help just ever since then and throughout the last fifteen years we've had it's been fun to watch career all of our careers and party and it's it. I'm glad I know you people really I find it quite slow guys hug. I love you guys and it's been really fun Fifteen years I look forward to fifteen more no. I don't think so fantasy a couple of weeks ago that maybe on this episode say. Hey It's been great. Thanks so much. I hope you all have a good life. I'll see later and just walk off enough. I'm Don couldn't do couldn't do it. I love this too much. Thank you guys. Come back real soon. Okay we're seeing all these stay safe. Stay safe stay as we do every Sunday afternoon. Two Thirty Pacific. That's five thirty eastern time. Twenty one thirty. Ut See you can watch us to live. Took DOT TV slash live? Is the live stream audio and video there.

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