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It's it is the is the highest average seating that we've had Sweet Sixteen since the turn win sixty four. So in that case like there's no upset like there's no ABC's. I know do almost laws, but almost doesn't count. So how how is the chances of all number one team mega to the final four? Do you think it's high? I think is really high. No, in fact, when I filled out how bracket, that's certainly not scientific and usually is completely wrong. But when I filled out my bracket, I think I had three ones in two in the final four because it just felt like that kind of year. Right. What can I ask you this question? Your three number one with all three of them ACC note, Tennessee in there to Vail, Tennessee. Trying to remember now Tennessee do guns, and then I think North Carolina was ill. And it was in there. Okay. Okay. You have not working. I appreciate it. I wanted to get to take on AM or percent. Yeah. Listen, we were really close. I mean, listen when I was in this chair last Thursday, we had two schools that were almost knocked off. I mean, I think it was a one point game at a two point game right LSU in Auburn. It was almost. So there was a lot of almost in the first two rounds. There. Also, a lot of blowouts, but sometimes you just have year dislike that we will spoil. We what we have Maryland Baltimore County year ago, and we had a sister, gene. So I think we got a little spoiled last year was a little unusual, but it is unusual have any. We could use. But I'll tell you this era may fun of my chalk bracket when I turned that sucker in and look pretty good right now Matt's on allowance up, Matt. Hey, but just wanted to ask you about a really how you think Auburn can hold up against North Carolina. Really what their chances really are. Well, I'll be honest with you. I've seen North Carolina in person more than I've seen any other team this year, and I think just pure team lies. They might be the best team in the country. I've got him in the championship game. I I was at the game was on Winston shoe blew out. And honestly don't think that matter. I think Carolina North Carolina's gonna win that game. Anyway, that being said momentum is momentum. And nobody's got it right now. Like all does don't you feel it when you watch that team right now? Oh, yeah. I love it. Oh, yeah. Yeah. See I'm a big fan. And you know, we live through indaba three. And I get that. But but yeah. North carolina. I mean, I'm self you know, I had to say, but I did take them in my bracket. So. Yeah. I feel like if we get hot and play defense event plan. We we got a shot. But which is is there one of the best. You know? Yeah. Now is our appreciate it ma-. Yeah. Listen, you can't say enough about momentum. And if anybody's got minimum Auburn all done is pick Auburn consistently for the last two weeks and all they've done during that time is not lose. So they got that goal form picked against him again. In fact, I don't think I wouldn't have I had them losing the first round. So sorry fans North Carolina really really good all are pretty into. All right. We're already all hope to heart star dandelions are loaded as they like to say, and you can load them some more eight five five two four two Paul is Paul finebaum show even without Paul fumble. Listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Hey, everybody. Welcome back to the Paul finebaum. Show him Ryan McGee sitting in for Paul. We just were hearing from the former head basketball coach Arkansas Kaji Anderson with a an emotional goodbye. We're talking about the difficulty of making that change. And I alluded very briefly to the situation with Tennessee women's basketball reports out of Knoxville now being confirmed our own crisslow that Holly Warlick is out as the women's basketball shows lady vol head coach and Knoxville, Tennessee, an incredibly difficult situation for everyone involved, and I will say this, and I've said this to Tennessee fans forever..

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