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Two two specific cuts to ask you first Angelo Henderson who had a heck of a game against the cardinals in really look like he had a pretty good camp. What what was the what was the process? You guys went through deciding that that he would not make the final fifty three. Well, and you know, we went through that too. And obviously, we have a lot of young back and just felt that, you know, we're we're going to expose him that you know, there were the chance that he would get back and clear waivers. And that that's what happened but be choice to go somewhere else. And so we kind of went the way we wanted to go. He just didn't feel like you wanted to come back here. So I think you ended up with the jets, and so that was the reasoning, you know. David William draft pick had a good camp. Also, John that we think has multi too. So we're excited about him. And he's back on our practice. What? Hey, I have not asked you. And I promise you this'll be the final time. I ever ask you about Paxton Lynch with since I've not talked to you since the cutdown date you keep him for a while. Then you signed Kevin HOGAN what during this camp. Brought you to the conclusion because obviously you had to get there that Paxton Lynch was just not going to work out with the Broncos. Well, first of all, I think that number one. I hate quitting at anything. I mean, I had high hopes for them and and continuing to improve. But ultimately decided with everything being looked at and a part of expand. Okay. What was the best situation for the Broncos? And I think that, you know, whether young backup and Chad Kelly that felt like we needed to get some more experienced. With another quarterback coming in. And and that's why with Kevin HOGAN available. I really like him had had a good preseason in Washington. And so just thought that it was time to make a move. Plus, I think the way everything was gone with Paxton than men, obviously, there's a lot of pressure on in on him in Denver and it had worked out. So it's been a lot of negative press on him. I think that, you know, looking at everything involved, it would probably best for all parties that the part ways and get packed and then they're not going to go somewhere else. And see if it will work out better form there. Final the final question as you should get ready for the start of the regular season and ask you this question before every regular season. I mean, you're an optimistic sort. I think I've characterized that accurately when you look at this team. And I know you're hopeful with with this team is certainly based on what happened last year. But as we sit here today, what are your expectations for the Broncos the two thousand eighteen? Well, I I go into every season expecting to do. Well, I think that's that's been my nature and feel good about the the guys that we have been Talbot. The attitude that we've had this whole offseason then coming off a Cup your last year. So you know, my expectations are up there with everybody else. I think the thing though. And especially after what we learned last year. You know, we can't get too far ahead of ourselves. We gotta make sure we take it one week at a time and bottom line is concentrate on how we play, and you know, there's gonna be hiccups along the road. But if we can concentrate on how we play in concentrating playing well, we can a week out take care of the football and get them turnovers. I think we've got a real chance to compete. Hey. This'll be I appreciate your time. Did you see from Vance in this preseason this being his second NFL season? The the kind of progress that you hope for the whether it be maturity or how he handled certain things. What did you see from Vance in this preseason that gives you optimism for the regular season? I think that he's never one. It'd be experienced that that one year I think is helped him for mental. But I think we've seen him take more control of the staff and more control the team. Things down the right way. I think that he's put his foot down more on discipline type thing, which is which is important. You know, he's really made us, right? I think he feels a lot more comfortable right now. So this'll be good for all of us this year. And I think that you know, this person starts on Sunday against the ATL. The voice of the Denver Broncos Dave Logan with number seven himself. He is the ultimate Denver Bronco. I mean, Denver Broncos. John elway. John Elway Denver Broncos. He is. And he's probably the biggest celebrity that lives in this town. I would say so him and Peyton Manning. Yeah. Yeah. Which one you think is a bigger celebrity. Oh, yeah. Thanks. Elway's more Denver than than paint. 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