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I love the game is awesome they took the luke rates out of it so i have not utilize them i got it mainly for the campaign 'cause i'm not a big multiplayer online guy the campaign is awesome it is finally r a nextgeneration first person star wars shooter it's fucking awesome you're on the dark side it's great it's a blessed i'm loving the game so i highly recommend and now under the phil justice league which pat her i mean look like he was going to do all but spit on me during the during the show a tome i saw last night as well i saw two nights in a row that blows my mind why wasn't dying to see it again i was running if you want to do for the podolsk see it again i mean the the best thing about it was that it was under two hours i mean that's a in this day and age a true blessing yet um i suspect you liked it quite a bit more than i did but i was very bored by it i couldn't track really any sort of story at all um i guess there were there was a bug man trying to kill them i mean i i'd never seen wonderwoman so i i you know that meant nothing to me i was deeply board um throughout and i thought the dialogue was atrocious um embarrassing i thought the flash of always liked that actor before i hated the flash i i guess he i don't know if he was autistic or gay or what he was supposed to be but it was not working for me autistic or gay this is the comparison you i couldn't tell with the way he was playing it which i was supposed to think he was and then that one moment win aqua man comes up with a shirt off and he goes oh i was like i guess that many was gay but then he also got flustered when he talked to wonderwoman so i.

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