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He's world series champ walker. I folks were joined by a very special guest walker bueller world series champ dodgers. Big guy how's life been last couple of weeks. I imagine a pretty big high right now. It's been good man. Obviously we're kind of excited to get that thing done and get out of the bubble but we've been enjoying it man it's It's one of the things that i think it's gonna take a while to kind of sink in but Trying to enjoy it for sure it'd thinking and on i'm curious do you have. Have you woken up a few days and just been like. Oh shit like i have. I think more than anything. It's the season's over. I think you got. Oh i don't have to go today or go the field you know. It was kind of weird. I think because we didn't do the full on celebration that it was kind of just like oh was over like you know it's it's to explain. Obviously it's one of those things that you've kinda build up your whole life. You know winning the world series and do all these things work and endure everything for it and then it happens and and we're kind of in just a different time so you can't really do all the things you thought you would do or whatnot so I was talking to.

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