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WW J follow us on Twitter at WW J traffic in the idle down motor group twenty four hour traffic center. Emily, it's Howard, WW J, NewsRadio nine fifty lakeshore. Flood warning in effect from midnight until four AM Sunday, mostly clear tonight. Comfortable though. Fifty eight sunshine mixed with some clouds tomorrow, another nice day that I have near eighty partly cloudy tomorrow night. Low sixty two in clouds and sun, Sunday couple showers in the afternoon. I seventy six periods right Monday. I seventy one and Tuesday nights with clouds and some Seventy-three. This is accurate. There meteorologist John Feerick. WW J, NewsRadio nine fifty clear skies, John right now in Birmingham and sixty five degrees, sixty two downtown Plymouth, where things are wrapping up following music in the park. We have sixty four in Melvin Dale and sixty five in Detroit. Traffic and weather on the eight you can always take us on the go through the radio dot com app, a half billion dollars going to fight climate change will explain next. Introducing the new buttermilk crispy chicken biscuit at McDonald's, we don't eat that music made with tender chicken. Let's lose the echo on a warm buttermilk biscuit. Perfect juicy simplicity of our buttermilk. Crispy chicken, biscuit. Speaks for itself. Did it now for just three bucks and get a two dollars sausage mcmuffin beg or one dollars small hot coffee? All from the one two three dollar menu. Simply your breakfast at McDonald's has this station. Very Kennedy combined with any other offer combo meal. W w j news time eleven forty-one NewsRadio nine. Jay, the news, watch never stops major investment by a major philanthropist toward the fight against climate change. Michael Bloomberg committing five hundred million dollars to a new initiative called beyond carbon. We intend to succeed not by sacrificing things we need. But by investing in things we want the more good jobs,.

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