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Here's Jacob Wilkins and a good afternoon to you Sonia. The Yankees coming off a much-needed decisive win last night there still only a game and a half up on the as for that first day a wildcard spot which would mean playing that wildcard game at Yankee Stadium and later this afternoon they're back at the stadium continuing their series with the Blue Jays yesterday. Andrew mccutchen three-for-three a solo home run and Boone Aaron Boone says mccutchen is hitting his stride. He really has. Really starting to swing the bat better. Now over the last week, but it's it's been quality at bad after quality at that. And and the ability to get on there at the top forces has been big. And you know, I think we're seeing a guy starting to kind of get comfortable, and that's courtesy of pantheon. The hill for the Yankees coverage on the fan begins at three twenty five. First pitch for five Mets also had a shutout win at Fenway last night. They will continue their series with the Red Sox later today. Corey Oswald facing Rick forsillo at four zero five college football just underway. It is a why of seven nothing on army with eleven twenty nine to go on the first no score between Florida state and Syracuse at the carrier dome. Penn State off to a quick seven nothing lead on in-state. Rutgers in Kansas just underway as well. Temple in Maryland. Our scoreless early in the first tonight big match between number four Ohio State and TCU in Arlington sports at fifteen and forty five around the clock. Jacob wilkins. Tension win sports wins. News time twelve seventeen. When posting on most jobs sites. You get candidates. I'm the sales direct sales director you're looking for. But when you posted indeed dot com, you get the candidates just right for you. I'm a sales director with an MBA over ten years experience. Who's also fluent in Japanese within.

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