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So maybe it could repeat itself Saturday or actually February twenty eighth right? So Wladimir Klitschko knocked out David price. Excuse me. Tony Thompson in Tony Thompsons next fight. He knocked out the undefeated fifteen in no, David price. So again, just to put things into perspective one seven, and no one is fifteen to know both undefeated both heavily touted both with the Olympic background, all the pedigree, blah, blah, blah, blah. Okay. Look what it did for Tony Thompson. Okay. Look what it did for. Tony thompson. Tony Thompson was knocked out twice by Vlad a win over and undefeated UK prospect brought him back into title contention. And he ended up getting poulet left shots. He ended up getting Lewis or tee shots. Orlando. So leash shots Maliki. Scott shots. Like, I just went that the heavyweight division is so much more congested now than it was back. Then I mean, there are guys that have been waiting in line not to say that Saverne. You just meant in there. But Hames that are still here pool. Lebas Ortiz is still here and Maliki Scott kind of here. Like, what are you talking about like this? He has a there was there was okay, you're saying, I'm showing people's names still exist then and now so how well you're telling me that's bird off this one win. What does he get? If Tony Thompson who had fuck with divert would get what do you do? Ellen you. I'm using pass to answer your question. It's only Tony Thompson coming out the Blad had colon issues. Bre he had colon issues. Still. Yeah. Look google. Yes. Three s surgery. You got. Yes. Some shit. I get I don't know what it means to your argument was diverted. I don't get it made him relative to beat a prospect. Well, I gotta yell at this to the wound ruin gains from his five because he beats a highly talented prospect Jordan games for is my job because he beats a former world a form will champion who foot the corona WBZ champion twice. I. About these games? And the only one that went the distance with wilder. So like there is some cash for Joyce Joyce's doing this for reason, not well, that's my point. I think that what I'm trying to save. Most of all is there's more for Joyce to gain than there is I avert to gay. And maybe maybe it might be a blinded by the fact that I think Joe Joyce's going to win and I'm convinced of it. You know what I mean? You're convinced unconvinced of it to be honest. So that means if Joyce if Steven beat the odds, and we even Christ number sure Are we we have. have moment? And all of a sudden he's back up in the in the game. So to speak because everybody will want to be everybody will want to take out Stephen well, not everybody. But a lot of people are going to want to take out the rain baby marriage in column out. Luis Ortiz Gerber baby foodie and ask for call outs. The Verne after that win brought come on. Right now. Train. I was trying to get him on the show this morning because you know, we need the fun. I was with this ridiculous Christian hammer fight as well right about..

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