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The scene four store. Stories up at this midtown office building mayor de Blasio says while have as of now ruled out terrorism and criminality. Whatever led to the crash at self is known. There is no indication at this time that this was an act of terror claimed the life of Tim McCormack, who had just dropped off a passenger at the thirty fourth street heliport on the east side. The helicopter was flying radically just prior to impact, according to witnesses, not clear. The helicopter had been cleared the fly confirm that any contact with the tower any other entity. No injuries, other than the deceased pilot reported James flippin NewsRadio, eight ten and one three one WG, y police by the victim of a deadly crash in Albany county, deputies say nineteen year old Emily fighting Cavs died Sunday morning after the car, she was riding in crashed at the intersection of pon hill road and county, route ten in Rensselaer Ville, finding Cavs was pronounced dead at the scene. Driver of the car nineteen year old Harley Kelly, charged with DWI and traffic. Violations sheriff's office says additional charges against her are pending more than a year after the measure was first introduced the Albany county legislature said no to the paid sick leave. Bill would have provided paid sick time to all applies minimum one hour for every thirty hours worked some at last night's meeting, sharing their stories regarding sickly doctor's appointment that it took to get me back on my feet required. That my mother took pains to kind to get to the point that I couldn't drive. I couldn't even really walk. Many business.

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