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British mini bikes championships is absolutely law for Notre around the sun prime. So to say as a live and well, Prodi Reich comes across lawn. He is in. Pain. Fifty four point five, two tenths quicker than the one head as well as way ahead. Harvey clerics and then runs wide turned six. So we'll go that job done momentarily still for now, you couldn't guarantee. Harvey Claridge will not want to lose this scrap Jamie king is Jaime. King was quicker than will how us last time around. So are we going to see to become three out on circuit a three white strapped for the league who knows coming through the last corner, bitter traffic to get through. We'll how that welcome quite I safe. see. That was of course, a line comes Jamie king. Jaime king was quicken. Harvey coverage, lost his closing the gap ever so slightly to second place. So all the time, Jamie king strikes yet sixty here. Wilton mill for race to the Pittsburgh won four motor team. If I. They're running. Our slight delay talk to lunch at the moment, but will Howard lease this race are on track. He as chest bounce ahead of Harvey. Claridge does come down to turn nine. Now we'll house leaning Harvard cars. You get through bit more traffic. Then Jamie king in behind them coming down to the last corner, long long. I got Got the part. killed over trying to use all the momentum of these team..

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