Ben Shapiro, Tucker Carlson, DC discussed on Adam Carolla Show - ACS: Adam Testifies before Congress; Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro


Never from washington dc this is the adam corollas show today adam speech before congress alongside political london ben shapiro plus an interview with tucker carlson a now putting the testy in testimony adam corolla nagpur on gotta get on a judge bureau and get it on now south korean the'must roman that's because malone well actually i'm in dc and i'm testifying in front of congress la vida that's right said he went amount anything so here's the schedule i am laying this down in advance because i'm going to be in dc doing my thing in front of congress you guys were gonna are going to be able to hear that also we get to talk to tucker carlson tucker called in to my program a little bit earlier we grab that and we're gonna let you hear that as well so without any further ado let's hear what the guy who was put on academic probation at elie valley college and who got a one point seven gpa never to take the sats or even an algebra class in high school had to say to congress take it away man thank you offer joining us in in the audience in of certainly are witnesses today this is our second in a series of hearings to highlight the first first amendment the history of intellectual growth in discovery clearly demonstrates the need for unfettered freedom the right to think the unthinkable discussed the unmentionable and challenge the unchallengeable that quote taken from the 1974 woodward report at yale summarises the policy that was for years the gold standard of what free speech on campus should look like.

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