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He crossed a line legally yes exactly and gould in half to fire him but it my view is that it was entitled to do so and we don't have all the facts there may be other factors playing into this other complaints he made he may have engaged in other protected conduct we might have a claim but based on the information that i have in the facts are before me um he he's he's not going away bruce barry adventure bill university as i mentioned um urine aclu's freespeech board what's your take on this on whether or not uh this gentleman a could win a lawsuit against google on this wonderfully thing that's happening is some other legal theories are being floated one that he filed an hour nlrb complaint with national labour board before he was fired implying that he could perhaps bring a retaliation climb of course in order to retaliate against somebody off to actually know that something happened it's not clear google did at there's also the interesting question about whether um california happens to have more legal protections and state labor law for employee political opinions and political speech than most states in this occurred in california and so there's a question of whether he might have a color of illegal claim having to do with your discrimination or a job detriment based on his political opinions if you want to fashion the idea that political opinions are part and parcel of what he had to say in that memo will it sounds like it's going to be the nub of the issue is was his view of political opinion or is it simply an offensive assessment of firm of.

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