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Then when this holidays over the Christmas lights will be up. Everyone songs are blaring already. Yes. And the the the movies on hallmark channel story. The killer. Love story called orbiting coming out. Thank you get to work on that. That's another. That's another pilot for you. Yeah. Oh that sounds great. We be in it. Seychelle Geller got in trouble. This is what happens people post things, then they regret them or they have to apologize for them. There's a lot of pushback here. She shared four photos of herself from two thousand seven a shoot with maxim the men's magazine. And she said she was using the decade old photographs as a motivation. I'm looking at one of them. Now, it looks great. She looks fantastic. Do you have the photo of her? Yes. That's your looks great. She looks great. And she was using the decade old photos as motivation to insure she doesn't overeat during the holiday, and boy did people think that that was I I don't know what is fat shaming. I don't know what it was. Ourself other people. I I want to know what the problem is here. I don't think there is a problem here. I think the people with the problem are the ones that are upset about this. Let me okay. I think she's great and obviously very beautiful, but the caption was pretty sad and disappointing. But that's just my opinion. Love you. I love you. But this message, especially especially for vulnerable girls is. Crap. That's what she was. Yeah. She wrote and she actually put the star leaped out crap. Why is why does anybody care? How much Sarah is eating at thanksgiving. How little or how much it's up to her amateur wants to eat the fact that she shared it. Here's a comment the caption is really damaging to people with eating disorders and or body Dismore via. You know what? Honestly, she's in mind light. She's a celebrities. Of course, she's going to post also which is supposed to hide everything doors L. That's it. It is it the it's not the photo. Then it's the caption. But the thing is all Instagram is Chris is pictures of women in tiny outfits. Well, also for this holiday. I mean, the the people with body Dismore are the ones that are going to have worse mental effects. If they, you know pig out during they're gonna hate themselves. So really if they're sensitive. You know, what I mean, it's you're just being honest. Like, if you if you're someone that really has a problem, and you lose it and pig out all over thanksgiving. Then you're might have like a mental breakdown afterwards. Posted like indulge this thanksgiving, eat all that Turkey. Like who? Would she be offending then getting people? Segment people right now, she's also being kind of jokey about herself. She's saying this isn't mean now like, I'm older. I don't look like this anymore. I'm not gonna look like this over thanksgiving. I don't know it just seems like she's kind of teasing the whole thing. I like this comment loved the photos, but what you wrote made me feel weird about myself. Sad face the name of the commoner nutter butter banana butter banana, clearly they have some deep issues. After a weird to see Dr. They.

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