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70° and that brings our common news time to 6 O 6 Should the state's management of public lands be allowed to benefit specific groups come as Ryan Harris has the latest on that question before the state Supreme Court Already has an insurance guarantee fund but insurance commissioner might cry or tells the state senior citizens lobby he'll ask lawmakers to expand it and split the contributions evenly among a life disability and health insurers especially with problems with Genworth Financial krager says or just a matter of time and will affect 26,000 policyholders in our state We want to make sure that there's adequate funds to service those policies that are out there with their insolvency And that's why we're looking for this guarantee fund expansion Krager says without the fund it could cost the state a lot of money The commissioner also says he expects lawmakers to address some issues with the new requirement that you pay into a fund for long-term care like that you can't take it with you if you move out of state or how you'll get no benefit if you plan to retire within ten years Ryan Harris communist Police on the scene of a deadly triple shooting in Tacoma at this point details are still unknown but confirmed dead are two women and one man one taken to a hospital with life threatening injuries police are calling this an act of seeing it again is it the 4200 black of east Everett street in Tacoma The circumstances that led up to this are unknown at this point but will continue to follow that through the evening Washington's new legislative districts could run afoul of federal laws get more from como's Jeff Every ten years the state redraws its legislative maps due to a changing population But none of the four maps currently proposed would create a Yakima valley district where most voters are Latino This comes from an analysis by Matt barretto a political science professor at UCLA He tells crosscut that the maps proposed dilute the voting power of Latinos and could violate the federal Voting Rights Act In the past but the city and county of Yakima were forced to change how they conducted their elections after it was discovered the Latino vote in the area was being intentionally suppressed At least one member of the Washington redistricting commission says he plans to submit new maps in hopes of correcting the problem Jeff Poe will come on use onions imported from Mexico by an Idaho based company are at the center of a salmonella outbreak which is sickened hundreds of people across the United States at least at least two have fallen Illinois again more than a 150 have been sickened in Texas and all the outbreak has affected people in at least 37 states and contaminated red yellow and white onions appear to have been imported from Mexico by pro source incorporated between July 1st and August 27th The company has voluntarily recalled all of the onions in question which include jumbo colossal medium and sweet The Food and Drug Administration is trying to figure out if these onions were available to consumers a grocery stores Most who follow ill recover without treatment within about a week though young children older adults and people with weakened immunity systems immune systems could also require a hospital stay before getting better That brings our komo news time to 6 O 9 Let's talk about sports Bill Schwartz at the Beacon plumbing sports update desk in a former husky quarterback is wearing number 17 for the Seahawks Get more on this bill Coach Pete Carroll says he has always liked Jacob Eason's talent so when the Indianapolis Colts waved the former Lake Stevens high school in Washington husky quarterback Seattle jumped and filled a roster spot Easton is now in competition with Marysville native Jake Luton for the backup job behind Geno Smith Russell Wilson making progress from finger surgery but still no timetable for his return The hot dose of the New Orleans Saints next Monday night A domino effect is now underway in college athletic conferences Texas and Oklahoma are leaving the big 12 for the SEC the big 12 were replaced them with Cincinnati Houston and Central Florida which means the American athletic conference needs teams and they're going to add 6 schools including rice Alabama Birmingham and Charlotte There is no specific year for any of those moves Sports updates at ten and 40 after the hour Bill schwarz come on in It is Thursday Night Football and in Cleveland the browns are leading the Broncos tend to nothing and that is in the second quarter so we'll continue to follow that Of course through the evening right here on komo news Well we are continuing as you know to wade through our situation here at como after our cyberattacks so every once in a while if it sounds like we're kind of fumbling around like this noise elisa That's the sound of papers as we're shuffling So well I do agree I'll keep reading You keep reading Tell me what you know what down your way Well this is just happened and folks expected it to happen today but U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director doctor Rochelle Walensky this evening endorsed recommendations for booster doses for Moderna's and Johnson & Johnson's coronavirus vaccines and so that's gonna let millions more Americans start getting those booster shots Walensky also endorsed the mix and match approach to boosters saying that people who are eligible could choose whichever vaccine they wanted as a booster and the CDC realigned its recommendations for the existing recommendation for Pfizer boosters and placing Moderna's and Pfizer's boosters in the same category That's happening tonight All right thanks for that update And when the holiday travel season really kicks in the airline industry is still recovering from the pandemic and airfares are about to increase we've got ABC's Gio Benitez on the story The skyrocketing cost of fuel isn't just affecting cars on the road.

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