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A pair blue blue the surprise on our trivia contests reader just got a texture my on my ipad. The Caleb Younes baby's name is lily. I think it's a girl yep sounds like I just can't lose today and the paternal today Louis Patrol the day is lily so lily when you're twenty one. We'll send you some Tequila. Let's break down the sprint. I'm interested search ready. Let's do it well. We're not my stand doesn't matter of we're ready because we're going to sit here and watch you. Just a few observations is we hadn't been Hala Canada. While first thing I noticed was the make sure the Mike is to stand the sorry. Keep down the first thing I noticed since the was kind of saving I believe they're saving most guys for the rest of the week. They weren't doing like three or four k. out lead out that they usually do so it was Kinda in a messy those last roundabouts guys sitting up guys going everywhere super chaotic but once they there was around about with three hundred eighty meters ago cut through the middle no the final round the previous one they they had cut through the middle of the final one was actual roundabout I just think and they finished in front of like Strip Mall Yeah like I it's kind of weird throwing corners dangerous but that's a whole another segment so they did Markov and Rick as he did hook up here with Bibbiani with about eight hundred meters ago mar not typical awesome lead. I would just super impressive the way this guy they have both been on the front <hes> working for our police for over a week now so for them to still have the speed and the legs did an awesome lead out. Here's here's where the where the move happen mark off pulls off about five hundred minutes ago rick as he doesn't amazing lead out with Viana Reina's wheel with about two hundred meters. You can see Johnny kind of hesitates for a second look to his left and wonders who's going. Should I go now that slide hesitation allowed caleb you and come from six behind at least at least six behind. They're going forty miles an hour here or thirty eight miles an hour caleb you and takes jump six people behind in the win while beyond it takes half a second hesitation looking to let the C. You and comes with momentum and a ton of power they both end up going that hesitation tation cost him the race in my opinion on Pinson the line with about half a centimeter but the speedy had in the the distance he came from behind was truly impressive and <hes> that slight hesitation by Viana costing the race race my opinion and then Caleb you and said I don't know what he said. What did he say? Do you see I was waiting for it. He introduces move came from six back at the Tour de France you hardly you've rarely ever see that. From so far art shows he's fast so guys got a ton of power right. He's GonNa Win Paris. How is learning how is the guy that small no offense generate so much power? It's just so errol doesn't have to it was our does but not as I'm GONNA get shit for this but I'm GonNa go back mark avenues his sprint was not nearly as high wattage as his competitor of course that like thirteen hundred which is a lot of wise but compared to the gripe. Oh no the guy doing eighteen hundred watts friends but mark avenues are so aerodynamic that and so efficient in the pilot on that sprint made him the best thing about in the day Mario Cipollini I mean ship was six..

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