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The just is brought to you by life affects a new podcast from teva if you suffer from depression can feel like you're alone in your struggle like no one can understand what you're going through you're not alone life affects brings together stories from real people who live with depression every day here tips from those who've made it their mission to make depression a mainstream topic while they also explained the larger issues surrounding the disease like society stigma against mental illness and how to understand and help a loved one who's depressed loss talk about the science behind the diagnosis depression to be a lifelong battle but you don't have to go through it alone download and subscribe to life affects wherever you find your podcasts and now the spiel in a political development both surprising unexpected both potentially earthshaking endeavour gore both upsetting at understandable california democrats have rejected diane feinstein as their senate nominee watt young little bit of context here there was a convention over the weekend and to be the official democratic nominee to be the one who get that chuck mark on the ballot you need it sixty percent of the vote and feinstein didn't get there in fact she came in a distant second place state senate leader kevin daily own got fifty four percent of the vote in feinstein only thirty seven so what does that mean well according to the la times california democrat snub of party icon diane feinstein could be a speedbump or a signal sp or a signal or may be a signal before a speed bump.

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