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We hear about witchcraft. Elilott as it pertains to countries in africa or even haiti when people think about witchcraft. They kind of think about. I think Third world countries or the eastern world. They don't think about things that are happening or trends that we see here in the west. And when we hear about demonic activity or demonic possession it seems to typically comes come from cultures like that. So what does demonic possession looked like today in our own cultural context. Because i can't believe that it's only happening in certain countries and wouldn't be happening here. Yeah well you know. It's really interesting about that. As i was working on the book and talking with pastors in priests and individuals who are dealing with this on a daily basis believe it or not there are deliverance pastures and there are ministers who deal of the catholic church in exercises and then the catholic church has obviously the rite of exorcism which we can talk about but in america. We've had a really interesting heritage here right. we've had this judeo christian underpinning and even though we're moving away from that and we're seeing the effect of that it's fascinating to look back at that history. I think in a lot of ways because christianity has been so even if it's just nominal ingrained in who we are. We often don't see these sorts of things but it doesn't mean they're not happening and to give an example. All of these experts told me that they have seen massive increases and actually the catholic church is openly said this in requests for help meaning that there are people whether or not they're truly dealing with these issues they believe they are and that is increasing. So as you sort of map out that move away from faith in america which i think is really fascinating. You know this and talking about culture. We see all these bizarre things happening in culture but we also see at the same time that people are experiencing more and more spiritual duress as that unfolds. And so we've had a number of stories in america..

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