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As a reporter for the for the dow's point news i mean i'm beginning to go to communities whether it's with here in chicago for example in san diego in in dallas where employers are beginning to ask me why aren't the mexicans coming anymore uh there's a real sense of what's going to happen next i i i think that i mean the mexicans are the boogeyman there the punching bags these days but i think that the day is coming soon were americans will really miss mexicans mean you can't really talk about onesidedly other without the mexicans and i i am i can tell you i mean it's i don't i don't detect outrage underpar when whenever an interview immigrants about the current climate a but there is a sense of a people being feeling betrayed being hurt people feeling like you continue this path you're basically second the way the soul of this country near the whole sense that uh that this can be a better country this will be a a two when when anecdote that always resonates with me and this was an nineteen sixty eight and was still debating this i've been living in in in the united states for three years when california were in the fields bobby kennedy had just been assassinated and a just three interject you your your mom was involved with the farmworkers ends says ershad is an eight was no famously leading a movement for farm worker rights the bobby kennedy embraced as his own right my mother's very involved which is kind of controversial because as a tara's in those days did not really walk on undocumented mexicans felt that they were driving wages down my mother was a green card holder and she would argue with us with the task people and say look we all care about human rights we need to find villabate i mean it was interesting to my mother will a homemaker look very quiet kind of meek at home you you come to the united states and sunny she becomes a raising help bad left and right there with the unity or even lead in strikes and i would i would just watches who is this woman now but when bobby kennedy died.

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